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DPR Defence Ministry: Situation Report, 8.11.2015

08.11.15 02:28
DPR Defence Ministry: Situation Report, 8.11.2015
The situation in the Donetsk People's Republic has not changed over the past day. There were 6 ceasefire violations by the Ukrainian war criminals. The area of "Volvo Center" in Donetsk was shelled with mortars of 82 mm caliber from the positions of the Ukrainian units from the direction of Butovka mine's ventilation shaft. 5 mortar shells were fired. Spartak settlement was fired with small arms and automatic grenade machines. Zaitsevo settlement to the north of Gorlovka was also fired with infantry vehicles. Our intelligence continues to record the violations of the Minsk Agreements by the Ukrainian forces on withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of contact. So, the arrival of 4 artillery systems from the locality Andreyevka (Karan') in the locality Granitnoe (less than 1 km to the contact line) was detected. The positions of 5 units of self-propelled artillery systems in the settlement of Pervomaiskoe (10 km to the contact line) were recorded. Ukrainian command continues to move the tanks to the line of contact. So, the arrival of a tank company in the area of Dzerzhinsk locality (5 km to the contact line) was detected. Previously, we reported on the arrival of the nationalist battalions with heavy weapons in the war zone. The decentralization of these Ukrainian fascists' gangs in settlements along the line of contact, temporarily occupied by the enemy is observed in recent days. Systematically outrages committed by the Ukrainian bandits, looting and violence will lead to outbursts of local people's indignation. An example would be a local residents' request for help in the village of Rozovka (to the southwest of Gorlovka) to be protected from the lawlessness committed by the unit of the battalion "Aydar". The Nazis want to disrupt the implementation of the Minsk Agreement in favour of their Western masters. Generally, after a meeting in Berlin in the format of "Norman Quartet", it is hoped that the situation in the conflict zone to be stabilized. The joint efforts made by the OSCE Mission and the JCCC have favourable results. The truth about what is happening in the conflict zone, in particular the use of heavy weapons and rocket systems by Ukraine, thanks to the reports of the monitoring mission of the OSCE, is known in the world now. We will continue to cooperate with all stakeholders, seeking to stop the genocide of the population of Donbass. Vice-Commander Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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