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DPR Defence Ministry: Situation Report, 11.11.2015

DPR Defence Ministry: Situation Report, 11.11.2015
Over the past day the situation on the line of contact remained tense. We registered ten shellings of the territory of the Republic from mortars, IFVs and small arms. The main hotbeds of tension still are Zaytsevo, Gorlovka, Zhabunky, Vesyoloye, Spartak, Sakhanka and the Donetsk airport area. During the day more than 50 mines were launched to the territory of the Republic. Today we see once again the Ukrainian side neglecting the agreements of the «Norman Quartlet» and the international obligations accepted by it. The «Volvo Centre» of Donetsk, Zaytsevo and Sakhanka were subjected to a shelling from 82 and 120mm mortars, despite all the statements of the Ukrainian authorities about their withdrawal; 30 mines were launched to the mentioned localities. I would like to draw your attention to the shelling of the locality Sakhanka which was carried out from the demilitarised zone of Shirokino. This locality is now occupied by the nationalist battalions and other units of the AFU in violations of all the agreements. Ukraine keeps escalating the situation in the zone of conflict. The political leadership is clearly uncapable of controlling a significant part of the armed groups in the area of so-called ATO. Intensifying provocative actions the Kiev military are trying to make our forces fire back at the forefront. Yesterday, in order to register mortar shellings from the Ukrainian positions, there was organised and realised a trip of a joint group of observers of the OSCE mission and JCCC to the locality Ozeryanovka. Our intelligence points out the continuation of violations of the Minsk Agreements on the withdrawal of heavy weapons of the AFU from the line of contact. We became aware of the arrival of 18 D30 howitzers of 122mm caliber to the locality Tonenkoye situated 9 km away from the line of contact and 4 howitzers to the locality Krasnogorovka situated 3 km away from the line of contact. The Donetsk People's Republic observes the Minsk Agreements, despite the fact that the Ukrainian side acts so that to disrupt them, and supports the efforts of diplomats and international observers trying to bring peace to the land of Donbass. Our units are constantly on alert and keep up their military training, which supports our high combat readiness to repel any provocations and aggression from the Ukrainian punishers. Vice-Commander Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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