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DPR Defence Minister comments on Motorola's death, ongoing situation in Republic

21.10.16 04:46
DPR Defence Minister comments on Motorola's death, ongoing situation in Republic

Statement of the DPR Minister of Defence, General Lieutenant Kononov V. P.

I ask your permission to start today's briefing with a moment of silence in tribute to the memory of the Hero of the Donetsk People's Republic, one of the first real fighters who started defending the residents of free Donbass, the Great man - Colonel Arseny Pavlov. The enemy hasn't managed to defeat him in the honest and open fight therefore he killed him meanly, by stealth. We, of course, will retaliate upon the enemy for the death of our fellow soldier, but we won't fall low to meanness of the Kiev terrorists.

I ask everybody to rise and observe a minute of silence in tribute to the memory of the DPR Hero Arseny Pavlov. Thanks.

In recent days the Kiev regime has made an attempt to sharply aggravate the situation in the Mariupol direction. The AFU units, after heavy gun-fire from 152 and 122 mm weapons were forced to attack the positions of the 9th group of People's Militia.

The events have been evolving since October 11, 2016 brightly emphasize the emptiness of words and peace promises of the Kiev authorities. So far the bosses of Ukraine are declaring the alleged full compliance with the reached agreements, the command of the so-called "anti-terrorist operation", but in fact the war criminals have three times made senseless and unsuccessful attempts to seize our positions in Kominternovo–Leninskoye area in the Mariupol direction. Having understood unsuccessfulness of their actions, the Ukrainian criminals started shelling residential areas with artillery. As a result of firing one civilian died and five were wounded. 14 houses in four localities were either destroyed or damaged, the locality of Sakhanka and Leninskoye suffered most.

At the expense of 9 defenders' lives all attacks of the Ukrainian fighters were stopped. 13 servicemen more were wounded. The losses of the enemy since October 11 have amounted to more than 40 killed gunmen, up to 100 were wounded. Three enemy IFVs and one vehicle with ammunition were also destroyed.

We are the first to have repeatedly supported the complete ceasefire and in every possible way observed it. Apparently, the criminal Ukrainian command has regarded our sincere desire to establish peace in Donbass as a weakness. But the enemy made a mistake and paid for it again. I hope that the losses of the Ukrainian gunmen will cool hotheads of their generals.

Thus, we can see sharp changes in the nature of the provocative actions taken by the command of the AFU. Apart from the daily shellings of our positions and settlements with heavy weapons, the command of the so-called "anti-terrorist operation" is conducting attacks using infantry units and armoured vehicles during daylight hours. I ask to note, the OSCE observers were not able to react in time and report their governing body.

Also, the Ukrainian intelligence agencies started working more actively. Using the secret-service network in the territory of the Republic, they took the path of terror and are using now the methods applied by various radical organizations around the world. The villainous murder of the DPR Hero Arseny Pavlov is a sad example of it.

I would like to address the criminal Kiev regime: despite all bitter losses, our Republic will hold out and live, and the country run by the bloody government that is supporting Banderist misanthropic ideology and acting with terror methods is doomed!

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