Donetsk Weekly Defense Situation Report - 27.05.2016

28.05.16 04:45
Donetsk Weekly Defense Situation Report - 27.05.2016

Good day! Today I will once again sum up the events of the past week.

In the period from 21 to 27 May all the activities in the subordinate units and formations were carried out according to the plan, including:

- command and staff training of the DPR force structures on ‘The organization of the DPR defense at threat of advance of the enemy’s group into defense lines. Exercise of command of garrisons troops when conducting defensive actions in the conditions of activization of special operations forces and threat of terrorist acts at important objects of the cities’, under the leadership of the Minister of Defence Lieutenant General Kononov Vladimir Petrovich;

- training on combat readiness was carried out in the units;

- 18 objects were neutralized during mine clearing of areas along the differentiation line.

Over the past week the Ukrainian military intensified shelling the Donetsk People's Republic on a daily basis. On the whole, the punishers shelled the territory of the Republic 1963 times, including 1125 times with heavy weapons.

The most intense bombardments were applied to localities along the contact line in the Mariupol and Donetsk directions.

Considerable increase in the number of shellings from May 23 till May 24 on the enemy’s part was connected with Petro Poroshenko’s visit to Istanbul to the UN World Humanitarian Summit during which the President of Ukraine tried to convince the global community of the need of introduction of the international police forces on the territory of Donbass.

This week the Ukrainian military made another unsuccessful attempt of attack on our positions in the area of the industrial zone of the locality of Avdeyevka. As a result of clash the enemy was brushed aside to the initial positions and sustained losses in the number of six dead and about ten wounded soldiers of the AFU. All this occurred because of the military and political leadership of Ukraine which had given another criminal order to the 58th brigade of the AFU.

Besides, today while representatives of the JCCC and OSCE Monitoring Mission together with Alexander Hug were registering the fact of yesterday's AFU’s attempt of the breakthrough near Yasinovataya, punishers purposefully opened sniper fire at all the attendees, despite the obtained guarantees of observance of silence from the Ukrainian side’s JCCC. Under fire there came, among others, the head of the Russian part of the JCCC. As a result of the cynical shelling there got wounded one soldier of the DPR Armed Forces. At the present moment it is established that sniper fire from the Ukrainian side was opened by the foreign mercenaries whose presence was registered by our intelligence in this area the day before.

In total over a week as a result of shellings by the Ukrainian military there got wounded one civilian – in the town of Dokuchayevsk a woman born in 1991 (the criminal order to fire at the town was given personally by the commander of the 1st motorised howitzer battalion of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade of the AFU Lieutenant Colonel Gryzub). In the Armed Forces of the DPR over a week there died four soldiers and two got wounded. There were also damaged: a kindergarten, a church, a stomatologic policlinic, a gas pipeline in Dokuchayevsk and 24 houses in Staromikhaylovka, Kominternovo, Aleksandrovka and Zaitsevo.

OSCE Special Monitoring Mission continues recording violations by the military and political leadership of Ukraine of the Minsk Agreements on storage of arms and equipment in places of withdraval. This week representatives of SMM OSCE once again announced missing:

152 mm motorised artillery mounts ‘Akatsiya’ – seven units;
152 mm towed howitzers ‘Giatsynt B’ – 12 units;
152 mm towed howitzers D-20 – 15 units;
122 mm towed howitzers D-30 – six units;
122 mm motorised artillery mounts ‘Gvozdika’ – five units;
tanks – 69 units;
85 mm cannon D-44 – 1 unit;
82-mm automatic mortars ‘Vasilyek’ – 5 units.

In its turn our intelligence registered increase in the AFU group:

In the Donetsk direction – up to 12 tanks, one motorised artillery mount, five towed howitzers D-30, one infantry fighting vehicle and four vehicles with ammunition.

In the Gorlovka direction – up to ten tanks, two 120 mm mortars, four infantry fighting vehicles and four armoured personnel carriers, up to 100 foreign mercenaries, up to two platoons of the unit of PSMON Azov (up to the 90 personnel), up to 100 nationalist fighters of The Right Sector and up to 30 personnel of the foreign private military company.

Also, there was noted work of pilotless means of the 54th separate mechanised brigade of the AFU near the locality of Debaltsevo;

In the Mariupol direction – up to six tanks, one 203 mm motorised artillery gun ‘Pion’, 12 motorised artillery mounts of 152 mm calibre ‘Akatsiya’ towed by two 122 mm howitzers D-30, one 100 mm anti-tank gun ‘Rapira’, one 120 mm mortar, six 82 mm mortars ‘Vasilyek’, seven units of MLRS Grad, two 120 mm motorised artillery weapons ‘Nona-S’, six infantry fighting vehicles, two armoured personnel carriers and 20 trucks with ammunition.

In general, the activities of the Ukrainian military in the ‘ATO’ zone show preparation of the AFU command for large-scale provocations.

According to the intercepted documents the intelligence agencies of Ukraine intend to carry out a terrorist act in the locality of Yasinovataya the purpose of which will be a discredit of the DPR leadership in the death of civilians. It will become a reason for stepping-up military operations.

We don't disclose the details of preparation by the Ukrainian intelligence agencies for a terrorist act, but we state that measures for its prevention are taken.

AFU special operations forces are preparing another not less artful plan for disruption of the Minsk Agreements. In particular, according to the secret-service data, the Ukrainian military plan to use the fighting UAV against a congestion of either their own troops or civilians. For this purpose, in the Ukrainian mass media now actively promote the thesis about the use of the UAV by the DPR units.

In my opinion, the purpose of all bloody provocations of the Ukrainian authorities is justification of the need of introduction of the international military contingent on the territory of Donbass.

This week representatives of the press service of the headquarters of the ‘ATO’ finally made several statements on the losses in the zone of military operations. However, the real reasons have been hidden from the public, having presented them as the victims of the attacks of the DPR army. Actually, on May 23 our intelligence recorded clashes between the units 72nd separate mechanized brigade and fighters of the nationalist battalion Aidar. As a result of it seven soldiers of the AFU died and nine got wounded, at that fighters of Aidar sustained losses – two personnel were killed.

For concealment of the facts of this clash the Ukrainian leadership reported that the military personnel of the AFU sustained losses in the zone of responsibility of the operational and tactical groups ‘Mariupol’ and ‘Donetsk’ this day. There is followed the aim ‘to scatter’, so to say, the losses on the whole line of intensity. I suppose that after my words the command of the AFU will once again make attempts of justification, and, perhaps, will even make up a convincing tale.

Besides, yesterday near the locality of Novotroitsk our intelligence recorded losses in the 2nd mechanized battalion of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade of the AFU as a result of a ‘friendly’ fire of the units of the 41st separate motorised infantry battalion of the same brigade. Because of inexact correction of fire from the positions of the 41st battalion there were killed seven soldiers of the brigade.

And in the conclusion, I want to submit to you one of the documents which have been received by our investigation. It is the report of the deputy head of the Communication and Press Department of the Defence Ministry of Ukraine Motuzyannik addressed to the deputy commander of the ‘ATO’ forces Sokolov in which there is revealed the analysis and conclusions from the real situation in the units deployed in the ‘ATO’ zone.

The main conclusions from the report:

shortage of personnel, in some units more than 40 percent;
on arms there is generally military equipment of 70-80th, and the equipment delivered by the USA is unsuitable for our conditions and constantly fails;
in the units there is limited amount of fuels and lubricants;
the vast majority of personnel are in unsatisfactory state also have chronic alcoholism;
unreasoned system of rewards for participation in military operations in the ‘ATO’ zone;
there is confirmed the fact of reduction of the soldiers’ monetary allowance for participation in military operations;
formal obtaining of the the status of a ‘combat veteran’ by the military personnel and representatives of military command who avoid departure to the line of fighting contact;
there are confirmed the facts of systematic skirmishes of the nationalist fighters with the military personnel of the AFU.

Thus, the Ukrainian army has wallowed in treachery, civil strifes and corruption. However, as well as Ukraine itself and its leadership.

Thank you for your attention.

Commander of the operative command Donetsk of the DPR Defense Ministry Major General Denis Sinenkov, official translation by DONi News Agency


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