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Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 7.10.2016

07.10.16 05:58
Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 7.10.2016

Good afternoon! Today I will sum up the situation again over the past week.

 Between 1 and 7 October the main efforts on combat training within the DPR Armed Forces` detachments were focused on conduction of battalion tactical exercises on practical actions of government bodies and military detachments in the course of offensive actions. In particular our detachments practiced force riverine with capturing bridgehead for further extension of offensive operation with reserve force`s engagement to combat and also targeting the enemy on crucially important objects. In the course of trainings the cooperation was exercised of intelligence and artillery by secure communication channels while attacking the enemy`s objects under conduction of electronic warfare.

  Conducted trainings have enabled the DPR Armed Forces soldiers to obtain required skills in the course of the active hostilities, necessary for defending the territory of Donbass from fascist invaders.

 The authorities of the Donetsk People `s Republic adhere to the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass. The DPR Armed Forces` detachments fully observe the ceasefire regime.

 At the same time the adversary continued conducting bloody crimes, shelling of residential areas of the Republic localities and provoking our detachments on response.

 Thus, over a week the Ukrainian forces violated a ceasefire regime 1352 times, including the use of artillery, tanks and mortars on the territory of Republic - 803 times. The enemy shelled thirty one localities.

 Apart from that this week was marked by the intensification of the enemy`s diversionary and terrorist groups of the AFU armed forces on special tasks. Thus as a result of installed land mine on carriageway in Makeyevka locality, on October 5 in the morning a fueler got blown up as a result of the land mine explosion. The explosion was so powerful that glazing was damaged in ten educational institutions, three kindergartens, one hospital and dozens of residential buildings. As a result of dispersion of the striking elements of the explosive device high voltage wires and a power station were damaged, the mine Shcheglovskaya-Glubokaya in Krasnogvardeysky district of the city was totally de-energized and 126 miners have been blocked under the ground.

 Alongside this the Head of Donetsk Regional government department (OGA) P. Zhebrovsky stated that allegedly the ordnance had been exploded in Makeyevka delivered from Russia. Pavel Zhebrovsky has probably graduated from variety-circus college with a degree “Clown” if he is not ashamed of making such stupid and groundless statements for the whole world.

 A total of five DPR Armed Forces soldiers were killed and three got injured from crime activities of the Ukrainian forces. As a result of the shelling of Zaytsevo locality and hitting the house № 268 on Rybalko St. by the Ukrainian missile, the owner of a house Andrei Soldatov was shell-shocked and got multiple injures.

 By such actions the Ukrainian forces are trying the bottom of our patience! *** The main responsibility for death of people and destructions lies with the Ukrainian commanders: Forces of special tasks of AFU I. Lunev; 58 special mechanized infantry brigade D. Kobizky; 54 special mechanized brigade V. Gorbatyuk; 46 special operation battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” V. Vlasenko from personnel of 10 special mountain assault brigade. Obsession of the Ukrainian forces to unleash the hostilities reserves the right for us to act more decisively while defending our territories.

  Our intelligence forces continue revealing new enemy objects that are to be annihilated in case of the AFU assault. Thus, this week the location is detected:

  At Gorlovka direction - tank company, mechanized infantry company and battery of 122mm motorized artillery systems «Gvozdika»;

 At Donetsk direction – multiple launcher rocket system battalion BM-21 “Grad”, battery of 120mm self propelled artillery vehicle “Nona-S” and two batteries of 120mm mortars;

 At Mariupol direction - tank company, two mechanized infantry companies, battery of 122mm D-30 howitzers and battery of 120mm mortars.

 Concentration of the prohibited weaponry of AFU along the contact line is marked including those means that are absent at the storage sites. Thus the representatives of the SMM OSCE marked in the reports the absence of the following weaponry during the week:

220mm MLRS «Uragan» – six items;
120mm MLRS «Grad» – twelve items;
152mm howitzers «Msta-S» – twelve items;
122mm self-propelled artillery guns «Gvozdika» – twelve items;
152mm howitzers «Giatsint-B» – eighteen items;
152mm howitzers D-20 – nineteen items;
122mm howitzers D-30 – twelve items;
tanks Т-62 and Т-72 – sixteen items;
82mm automatic mortars «Vasilek» – eight items.

  Systematic violations of the Minsk agreements by the Ukrainian forces show Kiev`s unwillingness to resolve the conflict in Donbass by peaceful way and proves that it`s impossible to trust the government of Ukraine.

 In particular, on October 1, Saturday, the citizens of localities Nikolaevka and Novoignatovka protested the Ukrainian authorities sanctioning the violations of the Ukrainian legislature by AFU command. The citizens of localities addressed the authorities with a demand to withdraw weaponry storages outside their localities.

 Aiming to prevent riots in these localities the SBU representatives started carrying out sweepings several days before protests revealing activists and supporters of a truth. According to our data, in connection with a planning rally the Ukrainian security services detained eight people living in Volnovakha area. But it havent prevented the public protests among localities` citizens against the Ukrainian government. And also the interest of the international monitors of the OSCE Mission towards the appeared problem.

 Only with joint efforts of the citizens of Mariupol, Dzerzhinsk, Maryinka, Rybinskoye, Nikolaevka, Novognatovka and other localities it is possible to make the Ukrainian government to observe the legislature of Ukraine.

 Within the armed forces of Ukraine the growing discontent is observed by the command. The main reasons undermining the readiness of the Ukrainian detachments became:

growing corruption among the command personnel in 30 special mechanized brigade;

deception of the Ukrainian leaders, unabled to uphold the promises in time of the president of Ukraine on demobilization of soldiers;

delays of salaries and collections of fundings for personal needs by the Ukrainian commanders.

  These facts negatively effect a moral and psychological condition of the Ukrainian servicemen who commit the following crimes:

 Stealing a firewood, furniture, wooden fences and other property of the local population for surviving in conditions of coming cold weather;

 Seizing money and jewelry at the checkpoints from civilians threatening with detention and massacre.

 The following facts prove the above mentioned information. In particular the servicemen of the 1 battalion of 54 special mechanized brigade located in the area of Luganskoye locality steal personal property from local population. And armed soldiers of special tasks battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” conduct extortions and looting at the checkpoints. Local citizens complain on them.

  Apart from that, in the AFU detachments the critical number of non-battle losses is recorded during this week. The main reasons became:

growing alcoholism and use of drugs among servicemen;

violations of security measures while driving the military weaponry, using in in combat and training means; Increase of contradictions and conflicts among servicemen presenting various detachments;

 And also incidence of servicemen in field conditions, deprived from qualified and timely provision of all needed goods.

 According to our data during this week the military medical institutions received more that 110 Ukrainian servicemen, including with facts of intentional cause of damage to oneself in order to avoid staying in the war zone. Thus on October 3 the serviceman of 30 special mechanized brigade shot his soft tissue of the leg and on October 4 the serviceman repeated this “heroic” action when he knew that his comrade was brought to the military hospital.

  Also in the AFU detachments the facts continue of desertion among the Ukrainian servicemen. In particular, on October 4, two servicemen of 37 battalion of 56 mechanized infantry brigade located in the area of Novoselovka locality arbitrarily left the base and took automatic guns and ammunition for it. Brigade command have taken measures on the search of servicemen and in case of their resistance the task was given to eliminate the fighters.

 Thus the authorities of Ukraine and AFU command continue degrading and demonstrate their despair in solving the given tasks. We still hope for a wisdom of people who are holding the weapons! Let it be aimed on those who continue looting and deceiving their own people.

Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry operative command Denis Sinenkov, official translation by DONi News Agency


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