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Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 08/11/2017

11.08.17 03:55
Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 08/11/2017

Good afternoon!

Last week, in the formations and military units of the Armed Forces of the Donetsk People's Republic, the formal unit training and the first stage of the contests of tank crews took place.

The DPR Armed Forces together with the security agencies of the Republic continue to conduct active measures to counter terrorism and combat enemy’s sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

Over the past 24 hours, the Armed Forces of Ukraine committed 33 ceasefire violations. 

The enemy launched three tank shells and 110 mortar-shells of 120mm and 82mm calibre onto the Republic’s territory. 

As a result of shelling by the AFU, one serviceman of the DPR Armed Forces was killed and one was wounded; also, a civilian, Yankovsky Alexander Andreyevich, born in 1951, was blown up by a landmine set by a Ukrainian sabotage group.

In total, over the past week the enemy committed 342 ceasefire regime violations and fired 1692 artillery, tank shells and mortar rounds at the territory of the Republic.

AFU shellings affected 33 settlements of the Republic, in seven of them 21 buildings were damaged and destroyed.

Mostly the bombardments affected the Petrovsky and Kirovsky districts of Donetsk, as well as settlement of Dokuchayevsk.

On August 10, nationalists from the 46th Donbass-Ukraine battalion committed another war crime. At around 6 pm they attacked the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, their purpose was to destroy the civilian infrastructure. After the opening of the fire and the fire outbreaks in the residential sector, Ukrainian gunmen opened targeted fire from small arms, including large-caliber machine guns, on the fire engine that had arrived at the site. The purpose of these actions was to increase the damage from the shelling through the further spread of the flame, as well as intimidation of the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and civilians.

However, the Ukrainian war criminals failed to achieve the set goals - firefighters continued to extinguish fires, despite the risk to life and significant damage caused to their truck.

Earlier, I announced the training of Ukrainian saboteurs under the guidance of foreign instructors in the mine-blasting business on the territory of the children's camp in Kurakhovo. According to the information we have, the activity of trained sabotage groups in the area of Dokuchayevsk is confirmed. So, yesterday at 4.30 pm a resident of Dokuchayevsk, Yankovsky Alexander Andreyevich, born in 1951, while mowing grass in the territory of the cottage cooperative "Chudnovsky", blew up on the landmine set by the saboteurs. The man died in hospital from the received wounds.

As a result of AFU attacks, one civilian was killed and one was wounded, also five defenders of the Republic died, two were wounded.

To our regret, the ceasefire is implemented unilaterally. Taking advantage of the fact that the DPR Armed Forces comply with agreement reached, the enemy intensified mortar attacks, the number of cases of resorting to heavy artillery and tanks increased.

Also, over the past week, according to official reports, OSCE observers recorded the absence of heavy weapons in the storage areas of the AFU:

Multiple launch rocket systems BM-21 Grad – four units;

Howitzers MSTA-B – five units;

Towed howitzers Giatsint-B – 20 units;

Anti-tank cannons Rapira – 12 units.

Tanks (T-72) - four units;

And in four places of storage out of 19 places of the withdrawal partially occupied by heavy weapons AFU weapons and military equipment have been withdrawn altogether.

Another evidence of the presence of AFU heavy armaments near the contact line in violation of the Minsk agreements and their application when shelling the DPR territory is the fact of self-explosion of a shell in a 122-mm gun in the vicinity of Maryinka settlement, which affected Ukrainian soldiers.

At the same time, at the international level, Kiev imitates the desire to implement agreements and the intention for a peaceful settlement of the conflict. In fact, neither the withdrawal of heavy hardware nor the ceasefire is openly, in front of the OSCE mission, carried out.

Recently, there has been an increase in the supply of fuel and ammunition to the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Gorlovka direction, the activity of the enemy's aerial reconnaissance with unmanned aerial vehicles is increasing, which indicates the preparation of the so-called 'ATO' command to conduct active operations in this direction, supposedly from 11 to 14 August.

At the same time, the headquarters of the so-called 'ATO' zone ordered to obstruct in every way the OSCE observers in monitoring the situation near the demarcation line in order to conceal firing positions and areas of concentration of prohibited weapons. In particular, on August 9, from the positions of the 72 separate mechanised brigade, mission's unmanned aerial vehicle was fired on from small arms. In addition, servicemen of the same brigade fired on and destroyed a day-monitoring camera installed by OSCE monitors in the Donetsk filtering station area.

Thus, the Ukrainian military command is trying to hide from the eyes of observers not only prohibited weapons, but also positions from which regular shellings of the territory of the Republic happen. And there is something to hide. For example, the artillery and mortars of the enemy are taken to the firing positions in Avdeyevka and Krasnogorovka, located near residential buildings. 'Fearless' Ukrainian gunners 'courageously' shell the Yasinovatsky district, the Donetsk filtering station, the Kirovsky and Petrovsky dirstricts Donetsk, literally, from behind civilians' back.

The 'ATO' command plans to create false informational reasons aimed at accusing the DPR leadership of violating the agreements reached, and is preparing favorable conditions for unleashing aggression.

The way the Ukrainian side fabricates false accusations is clearly seen in the recent example. On August 6, from the positions of the 59 separate mechanised infantry brigade, the territory of Pishchevick locality, temporarily occupied by Kiev, where the militants of the "Right Sector" took up defense, was bombarded from the MLRS "Grad" from the territory of Zamozhnoye settlement. Immediately afterwards, the artillery of the 40 separate artillery brigade of the AFU carried out an alleged 'counter-fire' from guns with a caliber of 152-mm at Zaporozhets locality of the Donetsk People's Republic. As a result, seven private households were damaged, four civilians got psychological trauma.

This tactic is used by the Ukrainian military command on a regular basis, while controlled media are being actively engaged, presenting distorted facts and staged materials to their audience.

I have already reported repeatedly that the employees of the Ukrainian special services have intensified their activities to create an agent network from among civilians living in the territory temporarily occupied by Kiev. Usually people are forcibly coerced into cooperation under the threat of physical violence, including their relatives; they are intimidated by criminal prosecution for falsified criminal cases.

I appeal to the servicemen and the population of the Republic: unfortunately, these cases are by no means rare. Do not be afraid of threats and blackmailing of criminals and traitors from the Ukrainian Security Service. Taking cue from them puts your loved ones in great danger!

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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