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Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report 08/04/2017

04.08.17 03:41
Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report 08/04/2017
Good day! Last week, complex tactical and firing trainings were held in the formations and units of the DPR Armed Forces. 
The DPR Armed Forces together with the Republican power-wielding agencies keep holding events devoted to countering terrorism and to struggling against the enemy’s sabotage and reconnaissance forces.  

Over the past 24 hours, the Armed Forces of Ukraine committed fifty ceasefire violations. 

The enemy launched 12 projectiles of 122mm caliber, 92 mortar-shells of 120mm and 82mm caliber on the territory of the Republic. 
Besides, yesterday at about seven p.m., AFU units launched one mortar-shell of 82mm caliber on the territory of the Donetsk Filtering Station. As a result, windows in one of the buildings were broken. 

Altogether, over the past week the enemy committed 407 ceasefire violations and launched 744 projectiles, tank and mortar-shells on the Republican territory. 

The areas of 30 localities of the Republic were under AFU fire, in 4 of them six house-buildings were damaged and destroyed.  
The Petrovsky, Kirovsky districts of Donetsk City as well as Dokuchayevsk Town mostly suffered from the shelling. 
As a result of the shelling on the AFU part, two civilians were wounded, two DPR defenders perished, four more were wounded. 

Analysis of a number and character of ceasefire violations on the AFU part over the past week is the evidence of the full disruption of the reached agreements on observing the ceasefire regime during the harvest time by the Ukrainian side. It is another evidence of Ukrainian leadership’s prooflessness statements and it demonstrates the ongoing politics of genocide against Donbass people. 

Besides, over the past week, according to official reports, OSCE Mission observers recorded absence of heavy weapons at AFU military hardware storage places: 

 ‘Grad’ MRLS BM-21 – seven units;
 ‘MSTA-S’ self-propelled howitzers – 16 units; 
 ‘Gvozdika’ self-propelled howitzers – three units;
  Howitzers (D-30) – two units. 

Kiev leadership’s plans for resuming active military hostilities in Donbass and attempts to solve the conflict by force are directly connected with USA authorities’ possible decision on supplying weapons to Ukraine. It’s noteworthy that the politicians from the USA and Ukraine declared planned supplies of the so-called “defensive weapons” not designed for offensive actions to the whole world. Whom do you want to deceive? 

Unofficial supplies of weapons and ammunition from the USA and NATO to the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been carried out for a long time already. One of the latest confirmatory facts is fragmentation grenades designed for rocket anti-tank launchers-7 made in Bulgaria with which AFU units from their positions in the vicinity of Avdeyevka on the night of July 30-31 shelled the district adjacent to Yasinovataya Town. You can see the photo of one of the unexploded grenades. I would like to remind you that Bulgaria is a NATO country and the presence of such kind of ammunition in the AFU units is another proof of illegal ammunition supplies. 

The AFU command is very concerned about soldiers’ wish absence to serve as a meat shield perishing in the interests of oligarchs. I have already mentioned several facts of a catastrophic situation with a military personnel full strength in the 30th and 54th separate mechanized brigade located out of the so-called “ATO” zone. Servicemen escape from these brigades: there are a lot of retirements at own requests and due to contract term expiration as well as dozens of cases of leaving units without permission. 

The same situation is in the units located near the contact line as in the 28th, 72nd, 92nd and 128th separate brigades. Stepped-up cases of desertion from fighting holes, massive poisoning and diseases, regular non-battle losses as a result of alcohol abuse, conflicts and mishandling with arms led to the fact that a number of some units of these brigades decreased by two times in contrast to a staff number. Only according to the data from the open sources, non-battle losses of AFU units in the so-called “ATO” zone in July amounted to 24 dead servicemen. The real number is much larger. 
Under these conditions, the planned rotations of the units being in fighting holes for several months and waiting for rotation is very complicated. Due to this, AFU command applies different contrivances. AFU General Staff carries out selection of contract-servicemen from non-battle military units (supporting units) and forcedly sent them to the 54th separate brigade to further send them to the so-called “ATO” zone. These manipulations don’t yield needed results that’s why the “ATO” command made the following decision: when rotation takes place, only headquarters and military officers must be replaced. Rotation will not concern the largest part of soldiers in fighting holes. They will be sent from their units to those of a just arrived brigade in documents, having left them on positions to keep meaninglessly defending interests of Kiev oligarch authorities. 
Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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