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Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report 06/09/2017

09.06.17 04:58
Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report 06/09/2017

Good day!  Last week, in the formations and military units of the Armed Forces of the Donetsk People's Republic, complex tactical and combat trainings of motorized rifle, tank and artillery units were conducted, aimed at improving the skills of conducting defensive operations under the conditions of direct contact with the enemy. Also, joint trainings were conducted between the units of ministries and departments of the DPR on countering terrorism and sabotage activities of the enemy.

Formations and military units have begun the next stage of combat coordination of management headquarters and units according to the combat training plan.

Over the past 24 hours the Armed Forces of Ukraine committed 54 ceasefire violations. 

The enemy launched 307 projectiles of 152mm and 122mm caliber, 420 mortar-shells of 120mm and 82mm caliber, 67 tank-shells, 10 anti-tank guided missiles onto the territory of the Republic. 

In the Petrovsky district of Donetsk City there were damaged seven house-buildings and gas supply on Lugovsky Street. Sakhanka Locality was left without electricity. 

Over the past 24 hours when defending the territory of the Republic, one serviceman of the DPR Armed Forces perished. 

Altogether, over the past week the enemy committed 395 ceasefire violations and launched 3,800 projectiles, tank-shells and mortar-shells on the territory of the Republic. 

The AFU shelled the areas of 46 localities of the Republic, in nine of them 57 house-buildings were damaged and destroyed. The Petrovsky District of Donetsk City, the localities of Krutaya Balka and Staromikhailovka mostly suffered from shellings and on the area of the Volvo Center of Donetsk City and the locality of SPARTAK the enemy launched 30 projectiles with MRLS ‘Grad’. Besides, it’s noted that Ukraine’s terrorists made thermobaric shots GTB-7S (a grenade is manufactured in a factory located in Sopot, Poland) at the locality of Staromikhaliovka on June 4 (Holy Trinity) with rocket anti-tank launchers and launched 60mm mortar-shells M73 of a NATO standard. Shrapnel from ammunition launched from the AFU positions on the residential areas of Staromikhailovka has been presented today. This weapon is delivered to Ukraine from Poland.


I would like to remind once again and draw the world's attention to the cynical shelling of TRUDOVSKIE Village, Petrovsky district of Donetsk City by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which resulted in the death of the mother in front of her own son, who also received multiple shrapnel wounds and is in serious condition now. And also, to the shelling of the localities of KRUTAYA BALKA, YASINOVATAYA and STAROMIKHAYLOVKA as a result of which NINE civilians were wounded in various degrees of severity.

Three servicemen of the DPR Armed Forces perished, one was wounded. 

The OSCE Mission representatives keep recording the Ukrainian units’ heavy weapons’ absence at storage sites in their reports. Thus, over the past week the Mission representatives recorded absence of 18 units of 120mm mortars.  

The aggravation of the situation on the contact line and the intensification of the Republic’s peaceful settlements’ shelling this week have been caused by the following factors:

Firstly, the meeting taking place in Minsk on June 7, on the eve of which the Ukrainian side needed to demonstrate the aggravation of the situation for accusing the Republic of breaking the “ceasefire” and also to implement a number of provocations, in order to disrupt the constructive dialogue between the representatives of the contact groups on security, on the back of mutual accusations. Examples are ruthless shelling of DONETSK outskirts and Krutaya Balka Village, as well as an unsuccessful attempt by the AFU units to seize the positions of the neighboring Republic in the vicinity of ZHELOBOK.

Secondly, by the presence of the units of the National Guard Radical Nationalists and the "Right Sector" acting on the instructions of a narrow circle of persons of Ukraine’s political elite in the "ATO" zone. In particular, having documents and intelligence data published on the Internet, we came to the conclusion that the customers of such provocations such as the bombings of the BEZYMENNOYE settlement on May 9, on May 28 - KRASNOHOROVKA, May 30 - AVDEEVKA, June 4 - the outskirts of DONETSK and June 5 - the village of Krutaya Balka, are nationalist forces seeking to overthrow Poroshenko.

Thirdly, the AFU rotation has begun in the "ATO" zone. In particular, instead of the 30th separate brigade which is located in the area of the locality of VOLNOVAKH, there is the 28th separate brigade. Instead of the 46th separate brigade which is dislocated in the vicinity of the settlement of AVDAEVKA, there is the 128th separate brigade. In this regard, outgoing brigades are trying to use up the remaining stockpiles of ammunition, as well as to prevent the free movement of our units to abandoned Ukrainian positions.

The abandonment of the AFU positions is connected, among other things, with the fall of the moral and psychological state of Ukrainian servicemen, with the low material and technical support of military units and the constant "cutback" of monetary allowance. In particular, in almost all of the military units undergoing replacement: the 36th, 92nd, 72nd, 53rd AFU brigades, desertion reached a critical level. Our intelligence notes the abandonment of the AFU positions by entire units in the vicinity of the villages of KOMINTERNOVO, DOKUCHAYEVSK and other settlements what causes discontent among the National Guard Gunmen and the "Right Sector".

It is noteworthy that a lot of officers are among the deserters. For example, only in the 53rd separate brigade: SIX Lieutenants, ONE Captain and THREE Majors. If the officers whom Ukraine learned and brought up with, run well, what can we say about the soldiers and sergeants who were forced into the AFU ranks.

There are cases of armed clashes between the "dobrobaty" and the deserter detachments in the vicinity of the settlement of PESKI, MARIUPOL and AVDEEVKA. According to the data, as a result of mutual "friendly" shellings over this week SIX AFU servicemen perished and two fighters of the Ukraine’s National Guard were wounded. 

Our intelligence records another tendency. In particular, the desire of the “ATO” Command to take full control over the actions of nationalist battalions. This is associated first of all with the apparent circumstances of shelling of peaceful settlements, including on the AFU controlled territory from the position of Ukrainian nationalists. The most intractable units of the nationalists are violently disarmed, and in some cases simply destroyed. 

One of such facts became known to our intelligence service, when on May 31, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot up to a platoon of the "Right Sector" nationalists from a helicopter in the vicinity of the settlement of VOLNOVAKHA. Initially, we were skeptical of this information, but after confirmation of it from various independent sources, doubts disappeared. The reason for a decision made by the “ATO” command on destroying a platoon of nationalists was the establishment of the fact of shelling, on the night of May 30-31, a children's pioneer camp in the village of Zeleny Gai (20 km from the contact line). What was the last straw of patience. There is information that the survivors were taken to the nearest civil hospital, but after several hours they were taken away to an unknown direction. This fact is carefully hidden. 

Thus, Ukraine’s punitive forces are not ready for active hostilities at present, about which Ukrainian politicians so often like to say. In this connection, the Ukrainian military command can only spread fakes through the SBU's channels about preparations for a large-scale offensive. According to, the ideologists of such throw-ins - this will demoralize our servicemen, but it still causes laughter.

Nevertheless, we are ready to repel aggression and disrupt the enemy's offensive plans at any time.

And in conclusion, our intelligence revealed the training of up to 50 cadets by Ukrainian special services on the basis of the Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the city of Kharkov for filming in production video materials concerning detention and interrogation of alleged saboteurs and servicemen of the People's Republics. The publication of production videos with anointed faces, and in some cases with a distorted voice, as in the yesterday's "sensation" of the Ukrainian mass media, certainly doesn’t cause any credibility. Especially after establishing the fact that cadets of Ukraine’s Internal Affairs Ministry took part in them. 

Those who use cadets in their unclean work should be ashamed. And cadets should not take an example from their bosses, who already force to deceive their own people. 

We call on the Ukraine’s citizens to more critically treat the demonstration of work by the Ukrainian special services, and not to give them the opportunity to deceive you.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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