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Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report 06/02/2017

02.06.17 04:34
Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report 06/02/2017

From May 27 to June 2, in military formations and units of the Armed Forces of the DPR main efforts were focused on holding complex tactics trainings of motorized infantry, tank and artillery units aimed at drilling skills in conducting defensive military actions under conditions of a close contact.  Besides, yesterday trainings of command and control organizations and units of the Armed Forces together with the units of the MGB and MIA on resisting sabotage and terroristic activities of the enemy started. 

Over the past 24 hours the Armed Forces of Ukraine committed 34 ceasefire violations.  When shelling the territory of the Republic, artillery, tanks, mortars of various caliber, IFVs, grenade launchers and small arms were applied. 

Altogether, over the past week the enemy committed 389 ceasefire violations and launched 3,632 projectiles, tank and mortar shells onto the territory of the Republic with the weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. 

The AFU opened fire on the areas of 40 localities. 23 house-buildings were destroyed in eight of them, and also a tractor station building and a filling station in the locality of LUKOVO where nine units of agricultural equipments were damaged. 

Over the past week, as a result of shellings on the part of Ukraine two civilians were differently wounded.  

One serviceman of the DPR Armed Forces perished. 

The whole world will remember the last week by a number of AFU bloody provocations in the localities of KRASNOGOROVKA and AVDEYEVKA. 

In particular, the cause of the tragedy on May 26 in KRASNOHOROVKA, according to our intelligence, was application of heavy artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems by the AFU 92nd brigade from the area of the settlement of MARINKA and from the direction of KURAKHOVO. As a result of the AFU criminal actions in the locality of KRASNOHOROVKA EIGHT civilians were injured and twenty-nine buildings were destroyed. Also, a temporary dislocation point of Ukraine’s National Guard came under fire, where, according to updated information,  eleven soldiers perished and EIGHTEEN soldiers were injured, and seven units of military equipment were damaged. All the injured servicemen were taken to a military hospital in the village of Kurakhovo.  

To conceal its crime and prevent an objective investigation, the AFU command prohibited access to destruction to the representatives of the Russian side to the JCCC and the DPR. 

The Ukrainian party invited the representatives of the OSCE Mission to the scene only two days later. Due to this, in their report there were published results of inspection only of SEVEN craters where 152mm and 122-mm projectiles and 82-mm mortar-shells exploded. Also, there were no facts of the destruction of houses on the streets of Mayakovsky, Belinsky, Grushevsky, as a result of the AFU shelling with MRLS ‘Grad’, the fact of their application was declared by the Ukrainian command.

It’s worth paying attention to the reports of local residents of the affected cities in social networks that testify to the use of heavy weapons by the AFU from the areas of the localities of KURAKHOVO and MARINKA.

Probably, for such cases, the Ukrainian authorities restricted Ukrainian residents’ access to social networks so that the population could not share the truth.

Another incident occurred on May 30 at 7:30 pm, when the units of the AFU 72nd brigade shelled the locality of AVDEEVKA, applying weapons, prohibited by the Minsk agreements, against their own people. In particular, the residential area of the city, near the Avdeyevka coke plant came under fire. Due to the dispersion of 82-mm mortar-shells fragments, there were wounded three civilians. At the same time, it’s important to say that the removal of the mine site from the contact line of the troops is more than FOUR kilometers, and the maximum range of mortars’ application of this type is THREE kilometers. 

On the preparation by the Ukrainian side of this provocation, we announced the day before to stop it. However, Ukrainian nationalists decided to fulfill their insidious plans for shooting Donbass civilians, despite everything.
All the materials we collected will be attached to criminal cases against Ukrainian commanders who gave criminal orders to bombard populated areas.

We believe that the Ukrainian authorities and the AFU command by mentioned above and other provocations pursue the following goals:

The first is to try to force the population living on the AFU-controlled territories to negatively treat the Armed Forces of the DPR and the Republic in general;

The second - to legalize the theft of budget funds by the authorities through "one-day" firms under the guise of allocating funds for the restoration of destroyed objects, which, in fact, are not being restored;

The third is to distract the public attention from the facts of the mass desertion of the AFU servicemen from their positions.

We have got to know that, in accordance with the requirements of the Chief of Ukraine’s General Staff, the military law enforcement service in the AFU together with the commanders of military units and military commissars, set the task, during the period from 1 to 30 June 2017, to conduct large-scale actions that are to search for servicemen who left their military unit or place of service.   

According to our intelligence, according to the analysis of the documents received from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, from the beginning of the civil war in Ukraine 10, 230 servicemen deserted from the so-called “ATO” zone. Only according to the latest data, during the period from May 11 to May 17, 2017, 59 facts of the desertion of 67 servicemen were recorded, and in the period from May 18 to May 25 - 64 facts desertion of 81 servicemen. Over the past week, 93 facts of desertion are noted with the unauthorized abandonment of the positions of 127 servicemen. At the same time, the main stream of deserters from the “ATO” zone, and to a greater extent from the advanced positions of the 72nd and 92nd brigades of the AFU was caused by the involvement of subunits in criminal shellings of the localities of KRASNOHOROVKA, AVDEEVKA and ZELYNY GAI (where the children's camp was partially destroyed).

To search for deserted servicemen in the "ATO" zone there arrived the units of the National Guard of Ukraine and the SBU. In particular, this week the arrival of the battalion of the national guard of Ukraine in the settlement of DZERZHINSK, three groups of special forces of the SBU in the area of settlements of Kurakhovo and Krasnogorovka, as well as units of national guard in the settlement ELIZABETABLE was registered. All these units will perform the function of "protective detachments" and keep the flow of deserters from the advanced positions of the 72nd and 92nd brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with a temporary replenishment of the formed gaps on the contact line of the troops.

On the back of all the statements about the increase of the monetary allowance to the AFU servicemen, in particular, and the improvement of the living standards of the servicemen, in general, the military leadership has launched an active campaign to return the previously paid money to the state fund.

On the instructions of higher headquarters, the commanders of formations and military units actively produce materials of investigations of illegal payments, which are subsequently held in favor of the state.
The main "investigated" facts of illegal payments are:

Remuneration for direct participation in “ATO”; 

Monetary support to servicemen who were treated;

Monetary support to servicemen who have arbitrarily left the location of the unit;  

Extra charge for the fulfillment of especially important tasks;

Payment of bonuses and monthly additional cash awards to servicemen.

All these allowances appointed and paid out to the servicemen turned out to be just an ordinary "show-off", which now must be urgently returned to the state.  

Thus, the Ukrainian military and political leadership keep misinforming the public, accusing the DPR Armed Forces of the human losses, instead of recognizing the real reasons for wounds and death of its servicemen, and to bring order to subordinate units.

We have repeatedly said that we honor our commitments. Nevertheless, we are always ready to punish terrorists who carry out various kinds of provocative forays against our Republic. 

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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