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Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 05/26/2017

26.05.17 05:03
Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 05/26/2017

Good afternoon!

Over the period from May 20 to May 26, the main efforts of the DPR Armed Forces’ large units and military units were focused on conducting complex battle drill exercise of motorized rifle, tank and artillery units aimed at improving defensive skills in the conditions of direct contact with the enemy.

Over the past 24 hours, there were registered 58 occasions of ceasefire violations by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The territory of the Republic was attacked with MRLS, artillery, tanks, mortars of various calibres, IFV cannons, grenade launchers, and small arms.

In total, over the past week the enemy committed 378 violations of the ceasefire regime and fired 4,456 rockets, artillery projectiles, mortar shells and tank rounds at the territory of the Republic from weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine exposed 32 Republic's localities to fire: Dolomitnoye, Golmovsky, Zaitsevo, Mikhailovka, Gorlovka, Ozeryanovka, Verkhnetoretskyoe, Krasny Partizan, Krutaya Balka, Yasinovataya, Yakovlevka, Vasilievka, Vesyoloye, Spartak, Zhabichevo, Makeyevka, Yasnoye, Yelenovka, Dokuchayevsk, Novolaspa, Primorskoye, Kominternovo, Novaya Tavriya, Kulikovo, Sosnovskoye, Naberezhnoye, Leninskoye, Oktyabr, Sakhanka,  the area of the Airport, the Petrovsky, Kuibyshevsky and Kirovsky districts of Donetsk, in which 61 houses were damaged.

Casualties among the DPR Armed Forces personnel amounted to four perished and four wounded.

The Ukrainian party continues shelling residential areas of our Republic. In total, over the past week, as a result of shellings by Ukraine, eight civilians were wounded.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Command continues redeploying heavy weapons near the contact line. The absence of heavy weapons in the storage areas is recorded daily in the OSCE Mission’s reports. In total, over the past week, Mission's representatives noted the absence of 192 units of AFU heavy weapons:

152 mm howitzer Akatsiya – 18 units;

152 mm howitzer Giatsint-B – 31 units;

152 mm howitzer Msta – 21 units;

122 mm howitzer D-30 – 6 units;

152 mm howitzer D-20 – 72 units;

120 mm mortars – 36 units;

85 mm cannons D-48 – 6 units;

Tanks – 2 units.

Over the past week, the main efforts of Ukrainian large units and military units, deployed in the so-called ‘ATO zone’, were focused on conducting purposeful provocations of our units to open back-fire, and the preparation of fake facts allegedly incriminating us in launching fire at the territory of the Ukraine-controlled localities.

Along with that, fabricated facts were actively used by the ‘ATO’ headquarters to justify their criminal attacks on our territory:

On May 20, Ukrainian punishers meanly bombarded the bus station in Trudovskiye village with the Republic’s peaceful citizens present there at that moment, and the pro-Ukrainian media, referring to unnamed sources in the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and fake pictures, accused us of self-destruction;

On May 21, the AFU shelled residential quarters of Spartak locality with mortars and artillery. Shells hit the courtyard of the house, where the only children of the village lived. Ukraine again accused the Republic’s People's Militia units of having committed this crime, despite the residents' testimonies about the shelling on the AFU part;

On May 22, another shelling of residential quarters of Spartak locality took place. This time these fascists refer to a counterattack against our soldiers who allegedly had occupied and were equipping positions in the ‘grey zone’ in the area of ​​the Avdeyevka industrial zone.

Neither of these statements was confirmed by anything but unfounded statements of the ‘ATO’ headquarters. At that, accusing us of seizing the ‘grey zone’, Ukraine conceals the its positions’ location in the same very ‘grey zone’ near the Donetsk Filtering Station and does not consider them when inflicting provocative artillery strikes on the station.

One of such rundown statements was shared by Ukrainian media on May 23, it said about the alleged advancement of units of the 53rd AFU brigade in the ‘grey zone’ by almost a kilometre towards our positions in the Svetlodarsk Salient area. This is an evidence-free lie, as well as previous statements. Moreover, even the ‘ATO’ command did not believe such information and the ‘ATO’ Vice-Commander arrived at the brigade's ​​responsibility zone to check these statements.

And all this happened on the eve of the Contact Group meeting in Minsk. Probably, Kiev was preparing another party of ‘hot’ accusations intended for disruption of the conflict’s peaceful settlement process.

And, eventually, they continue collecting an evidence base of their crimes against humanity, upon the facts of which we have prepared materials to be passed to international human rights organizations and courts.

There is nothing to add about the AFU soldiers’ training level, since units’ operational departments are not aware of their troops’ location, and the UAV fire adjusting operators land their equipment right on our positions due to their ‘professionalism.’ One of these drones is presented at our today’s briefing. This is a small reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle of American production, belonging to the 30th separate mechanized brigade. Due to the fact that we obtained the undamaged UAV, we extracted from the information holder the data on positions’ engineering equipment, heavy weapons deployed near the contact line and the AFU positions’ situation in the Mariupol direction.

At that, it should be kept in mind that the AFU personnel’s training in this field is led by instructors from the NATO countries’ armies. Thus, it turns out that either the instructor was such a poor ‘teacher’, or the AFU ‘students’ were completely ineducable.

The second option is most likely to be true, because, taking into account the absence of volunteer candidates for service in the Ukrainian army, everyone is recruited into it, as they say, "by advertisement”: "...Have you got hands, feet, or head? Good! You will be a drone operator!"

The low level of skills and low-quality weapons of the Ukroboronprom, supplied to the army, brings its negative results to the military personnel themselves.

For instance, the notorious mortar-killer Molot once again caused losses among the AFU servicemen. According to our reconnaissance, on May 21, at the positions of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade in the vicinities of Zaitsevo locality, two AFU soldiers were killed and one was wounded when another Molot burst took place during a mortar shelling of our positions. But, at that, official statements of the ‘ATO’ headquarters from May 13 to May 26 contain NO reports on casualties among the servicemen. It turns out that the headquarters officials have written them off as ‘non-combat’ ones or just ordered to take the bodies to the rear to be passed off as casualties at the training ground and pretend as if ‘there were no losses in the ATO zone.’

In addition, these dead servicemen do not have any awards, with which Poroshenko rewards other murdered of our Republic’s citizens and, as he says, ‘his own’ people.

And it's not guaranteed that those who had survived will receive any awards. A too high fee was set for ordinary AFU soldiers for registration of orders for medals and awards in the award departments of the formations and factions’ headquarters: for the order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky one has to ‘sacrifice’ not only life and health, but also give employees a bribe amounting of 100,000 hryvnias; for the Order "For Courage" – 50,000; for the medal "For Military Service to Ukraine" – 30,000 hryvnias, and even for the medal "For Perfect Service", which is awarded for long service, one has to pay 1,000 hryvnias.

Everyone finds a way to make money in the so-called ‘ATO zone.’

Thus, nationalist units, too, found their way to ‘feed’ themselves, arranging their business.

According to local residents of Zvanovka and Fyodorovka localities of the Artyomovsky district, nationalists from the Volunteer Ukrainian Corps The Right Sector stationed there cash literally on everything: safeguarding local drug dealers, knocking out debts, eliminating competitors and racketing local entrepreneurs. All the ‘services’ have their own payment rates: trade permission – 1,000 hryvnias, chasing up debts – 50% of the debt, physical elimination of a person – starting from 50,000 hryvnias.

Criminals keep up humiliating civilians who became hostages to the situation. It comes to monstrous things, as local residents have to receive from The Right Sector members a special permission to be buried at local cemeteries. The Nazis check up the past of a deceased person and if there emerges any doubt of his ‘consciousness’ and fidelity to Ukraine, burial is denied with an offer to take the body to the republic or Russia and bury it there. But they will turn a blind eye and give a permission for a ‘bribe’ in the amount of 3-5 thousand hryvnias.

For the people, worn down by the lawlessness created in the so-called ‘ATO zone’, not to make a revolt against the current fascist system, the authorities in various ways try to restrict their access to reliable information coming from the Republic.

For instance, operating equipment was installed on the roofs of residential houses in Avdeyevka locality in order to interfere the high-frequency range of television and radio broadcasting.

In addition to blocking television and radio broadcasting, the operation of this equipment adversely affects the health of residents, contributing to the development of cancer. But this is not important to Ukrainian authorities as they care only about creating an information vacuum, blocking the main information sources, such as radio, television, and social networks.

Thus, it turns out that Ukraine’s military and political authorities take interest only in keeping power, but not in the life and health of civilians and their defenders, they care only about the heavy burden they have to bear, getting the opportunity for further enrichment.

The procrastination of the peaceful settlement of the conflict and the breakdown of the talks in Minsk are to their advantage, as it is not clear how many more tranches they will manage to write off and how much loaned money will be wasted for the war against mythical terrorists, the purchase of defective and disposable weapons, payment of allowances and pensions to non-existent deadheads in the AFU and National Guard ranks.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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