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Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 04/14/2017

14.04.17 03:05
Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report, 04/14/2017

Good afternoon!

In the period from April 8 to April 14, in the large units and military units of the DPR People's Militia, the main efforts were concentrated on preparing for the upcoming Command Post Exercises. The main task is to develop a common understanding of the situation on the contact line and make a decision in case of aggravation of the situation.

Over the past 24 hours, there were registered 57 occasions of ceasefire violations by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The territory of the Republic was attacked with heavy artillery, tanks, mortars of various calibres, weapons of the IFV, anti-aircraft guns, grenade launchers and small arms.

In total, over the past week the enemy committed 380 occasions of the ceasefire regime violation, and fired 2,672 shells and mortar rounds at the territory of the Republic from weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine exposed 28 Republic's localities to fire, the following ones suffered the most: Krytaya Balka, Zhabichevo, Yasinovataya, Yakovlevka, Kominternovo, Dokuchayevsk, Yasnoye. Petrovskoye, Sosnovskoye, Leninskoye, Oktyabr, Sakhanka, Spartak, the area of the Airport, the Petrovsky and the Kirovsky districts of Donetsk, on which territories 27 houses were damaged or destroyed.

As a result of the fire of Ukrainian terrorists, three civilians were injured.

Casualties among the DPR Armed Forces personnel amounted to eight perished and three injured.

During the week, Ukrainian security forces continued bombarding the life-support facilities from prohibited weapons. Thus, on April 9, as a result of damage to power lines, without electricity supply there were left the settlements of Elenovka, Signalnoye and Luganskoye. I want to note that the enemy deliberately attacks the power lines, which are located along the contact line, which makes it difficult to repair them betimes. All these facts prove the criminal actions of the Ukrainian command in relation to the peaceful population of Donbass, which are carried out with the approval of the military and political leadership of Ukraine.

In addition, over this week, the AFU divisions attempted to break through our positions in the vicinity of the settlements of Kominternovo and Avdeyevka twice. As a result of the skillful actions of our units, the enemy was thrown back to the starting positions, at the same time bearing losses among the personnel, the total number of which amounted to three killed and four wounded.

The AFU Command continues relocation of heavy weapons near the contact line. The absence of heavy weapons in the storage areas is recorded daily in the reports of the OSCE mission. In total, over the past week, the Mission's representatives noted the absence:

122-mm MLRS BM-21 Grad - 11 units;

152 mm howitzers Giatsint-B - 18 units;

122 mm SP gun Gvozdika - 7 units;

Tanks T-64 and T-72 - 20 units.

The situation on the contact line for the past week remained tense. There is a tendency to its further aggravation. During the "Holy Week", on the eve of the Christian holiday of Easter, the Ukrainian side continued to commit crimes against civilians.

A resonant in its cynicism case occurred on April 10, in Dokuchaevsk. There the Ukrainian punishers fired on the kindergarten No 11 with children inside at this time. Only by lucky chance there were no affected among the kids.

I want to note that on the eve of significant religious holidays, Ukrainian security forces increase the intensity of shellings, thus demonstrating that they do not care about the holy.

On April 9, we recorded the enemy's use of the MLRS Uragan. The fire was conducted from the positions of the 36th Marine Brigade. As a result of a technical malfunction, the projectile did not reach its intended purpose and exploded 300 meters from the outskirts of Dzerzhinskoye settlement. As a result of the explosion, a funnel was formed about 10 meters in diameter and more than 4 meters in depth. According to local residents, the hit was accompanied by a powerful blast wave, from which they fell while being in their homes. This fact of prohibited weapons' use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine was photo and video documented and handed to the media. I appeal to representatives of the OSCE Mission to take this fact into account and influence the Ukrainian military command to prevent the repetition of such cases.

However, not all servicemen of the Armed Forces share the current policy of their Command. Tired of the constant deceptions and non-payment of monetary allowances, Ukrainian soldiers are increasingly disobedient to the orders of their commanders. The incident in the 54th separate mechanized brigade, in which 25 servicemen refused to fire at civilian settlements, and the officer had to shoot at them in order to stop the protest mood in the unit, serves as an illustrative example.

According to data received from a source in the Committee of Soldiers' Mothers of Ukraine, during the past week about 120 servicemen left their military units on their own and addressed the organization for help. And these are only those who addressed.

Persistent low manning of the AFU units forces the Ukrainian military Command to include nationalist units, including Wahhabi, in the staff. For the same reason, we note an increase in the number of mercenaries from the countries of Europe and the Middle East arriving and actively trading in the so-called 'ATO' zone.

I want to assure the Ukrainian military Command that for whatever provocations they are going for, the result will be one - the enemy will not pass. Any attempt to attack our positions will be brutally suppressed, and the responsibility for the numerous victims among Ukrainian forces will be entirely assigned to the criminal military Command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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