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Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report 03/10/2017

10.03.17 02:52
Donetsk Defense: Weekly Situation Report 03/10/2017

Good day! 

Last week, from March 4 till 10, the command post rehearsal was held in the formations and military units of the DPR People’s Militia with the aim of improving HQ overheads’ coherence while preparing and carrying out defensive actions. Besides, special trainings and those on tactics of a platoon’s actions while maintaining defense were held as well. 

The People’s Militia continues to render assistance to the Republic’s population. In particular, there was rendered humanitarian aid to the Gorlovka Health Service Department last week. Thirty thousand fluid transfer devices were handed over to it together with the fund ‘Not a step back’. 

Over the past 24 hours Ukraine’s Armed Forces violated the ceasefire regime 71 times. Ukrainian punishers applied heavy artillery – 70 times, tanks – 46 times, mortars of various caliber – 133 times, IFVs – 78 times, anti-aircraft installations, grenade launchers and small arms – 523 times. 

Altogether, over the past week the enemy violated the ceasefire regime 567 times. 13, 192 projectiles and mortar-shells were launched. Besides, tanks and mortars were used – 4, 556 times. 


The military criminals GORBATYUK, GRUZYEVICH, SHANDARA, VLASENKO, NIKOLYUK, SAMARSKY, GARAZ and DELYATITSKY gave orders to shell the Republic. 152mm artillery was actively used from the positions of the 55th artillery brigade of the criminal BRUSOV. 

As a result of shellings from the AFU positions there were damaged fifty houses in the localities of ALEKSANDROVKA, TRUDOVSKIYE, DONETSK, ZAITSEVO, GORLOVKA, YASINOVATAYA, DOKUCHAYEVSK, SAKHANKA, ELENOVKA and LUGANSKOYE. 

The enemy successfully attempted to make vital infrastructures inoperative and not to allow repairing them, in particular the Donetsk Filtration Station and gas, power systems of the Republic’s localities. 

Over the past week, the losses among the DPR People’s Militia while defending the Republic amounted to three dead and one wounded. 

Besides, on March 7, as a result of the mortar-shelling on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine there were wounded two civilians: 

Sidorova Elena Vasilyeva (born in 1960) in the locality of Krutaya Balka, shelling was conducted from Kamenka locality direction; 

Yurchenko Vladimir Sergeyevich (born in 1996) in the settlement of Kominternovo, shelling was conducted from Vodyanoye locality direction. 

The Ukrainian party was purposefully shelling the Republic’s vital infrastructures during the week. Thus, when the Ukrainian party shelled the Republican power lines with mortars and artillery, four localities of KOMINTERNOVO, ZAICHENKO, LENINSKOYE and SAKHNAKA were left without electricity.      

The AFU still use drones to adjust fire at the vital infrastructures. 

There is a very difficult situation at the Donetsk Filtering Station. The repair teams couldn’t proceed to repair works at the station during a few days because of security guarantees absence on the part of Ukraine. Only thanks to the efforts of the JCCC representatives from the Russian side who managed to persuade the Ukrainian military into establishing the ceasefire in the area, the power supply to the Donetsk Filtering Station was restored and water supply to the localities both on the Republic’s territory and on the Ukraine-controlled one was restored as well. 

All these facts prove the Ukrainian command’s criminal actions approved by Ukraine’s military-political leadership in relation to the Donbass civilians.  

The AFU command keeps concentrating heavy weapons near the contact line. Altogether, over the past week our intelligence revealed:

In the Gorlovka direction – there was revealed a battalion of the MRLS ‘Grad’ and up to a tank squadron and up to an IFV one. 

In the Donetsk direction – there was revealed a battery of self-propelled artillery platforms ‘Gvozdika’ of 122mm caliber and a battery of 120mm mortars. 

In the Mariupol direction – there was revealed a tank platoon and a battery of 120mm mortars. 

Earlier-detected AFU military vehicles keep being recorded near the contact line. 

The cases of civilians’ death, that are connected with the AFU military personnel’s  low training level, keep taking place on the AFU-controlled territory of Donbass Thus, on March 6 a mortar squad of the 501st battalion of the 36th brigade of sea-soldiers, while attempting to conduct provocative shelling from the side of CHERMALIK locality towards NABEREZHNOYE locality made a mistake while adjusting a goal as a result there was destroyed 2-storey residential house in the AFU-controlled locality of CHERMALIK by mortar fire. According to our data, the civilian perished because of the AFU shelling, another was taken to the hospital 

The economic blockade on the part of the Ukrainian nationalists, who despite their own authorities’ orders keep blocking railway lines and highways along the contact line, influences the development of the military-political situation in Donbass. These facts confirm anarchy development in Ukraine’s society and absence of the supremacy of the law on the territory of Ukraine. We are concerned about our fellow countrymen on the specified territory, understanding that the anarchy and lawlessness will lead to larger number of criminality and deaths. 
We are calling upon the world community to force the Ukrainian government to implement its own laws and to provide security to civilians who suffer from radical nationalists’ illegal actions. 

Ukraine’s liar service’s representative – the Security Service of Ukraine keeps attempting to put blame for committed crimes on the DPR Armed Forces. In particular, the theme on the tragedy that caused deaths of civilians in the vicinity of the checkpoint near Volnovacka is discussed. 

There were carried out a lot of examinations that had proved that the bus had been damaged not because of ammunition launched on the part of the DPR. The mine MON-100 explosion caused them that had been placed by the Ukrainian servicemen. All the attempts to cover up traces won’t help the AFU to clear themselves of this bloody crime. 

I would like to remind of the other two shellings of civilians in the vicinity of the checkpoint near ELENOVKA. On April 27, 2016 as a result of the AFU mortar-shelling there were killed four and wounded six civilians. On January 20, 2017 as a result of shellings from the Ukrainian side there was wounded the bus passenger born in 1965 at the checkpoint ‘Elenovka’. 

The Republic’s law enforcement bodies keep registering the AFU criminal actions and investigations into them. 

In January the criminal cases against the commanders of the 92nd brigade NIKOLYUK and the 55th artillery brigade BRUSOV who had opened fire at the residents of the Kuibishevsky district of Donetsk city and the Krasnogvardeisky district of Makeyevka city, were opened. Criminal cases are prepared to be handed over to the international courts. 

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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