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Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 24.01.2017

24.01.17 03:29
Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 24.01.2017

The situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic remains tense.

Over the past day Ukraine’s criminal forces violated ceasefire 1278 times, that is 287 more then over the previous day. At that the enemy launched onto the Republic’s territory 180 artillery projectiles of 152mm calibre, launched 308 mortar shells, including 119 of 120mm and 189 of 82mm calibre, and 707 ammos from grenade launchers of various types. Besides, IFVs and small arms were used for shelling.

The following Republic’s localities underwent shellings under commanders of the 53rd, 72nd, 92nd separate mechanized brigades of the AFU Gruzevitch, Sololov, Nikolyuk, commander of the 55th artillery brigade Brusov, commander of the 36th marine brigade Delyatitsky and commander of the 25th airborne brigade Zinchenko: Zaitsevo, Zheleznaya Balka, Mikhaylovka, Verhnetoretskoye, Yasinovataya, Zhabichevo, Spartak, Vasilievka, Aleksandrovka, Signalnoye, Staromikhailovka, Leninskoye, Sakhanka, Kominternovo, the area of the Airport and Trudovskiye locality of the Petrovsky district of Donetsk.

AFU shellings disrupted the system of power supply to the localities of Signalnoye, Lugansk and Yelenovka. At the moment repair brigades are carrying out recovery works.

Besides, four houses sustained damage in Yelenovka locality on Lesnaya St. - No. 11, 12, 15 and 19.

All the crimes committed by the Ukrainian command were recorded by the investigation team and will be passed to the commission on the AFU crimes' investigation and the OSCE Mission's representatives.

Our reconnaissance continues registering strengthening of the AFU positions near the contact line:

- Near Sladkoye (11 km to the contact line) there were detected 17 trucks with ammunition;

- Near Olginka (12 km to the contact line) at the railway station there was detected the arrival of an echelon carrying eight cars with the AFU personnel.

Besides, to the responsibility zone of the 1st battalion of the 72nd brigade for performing special tasks on the DPR territory there arrived a 25-strong prospecting platoon.

The state of military discipline in the AFU units the so called 'ATO' zone continues worsening, despite frequent inspections carried out by commissions from higher headquarters.

Most likely, units of the 36th marine brigade and the 72nd brigade organized 'competitions' in quantity of disciplinary offenses in the units. We established that military personnel of the 36th brigade had caused a road accident near Orlovskoye locality when being in alcohol intoxication. One AFU soldier died in the road accident, and another one got severe injuries.

At that, a shell burst out at a mortar position of the 1st battalion of the 72 separate mechanized brigade, deployed in the vicinities of Avdeyevka locality. It happened because of negligent weapon handling while Ukrainian military were conducting provocative shellings. One soldier died in the shell-burst, another one got severe wounds, and was admitted to a hospital.

It evidences total absence of control on the part of commanders and total corruption of the AFU units.

Yesterday in the Ukrainian media there was published another dull piece of work of Ukraine's intelligence agencies typified by a video allegedly of the former DPR People's Militia serviceman's Shaptalov Evgeny Viktorovich recognition who had been fraudulently captured by the Ukrainian punishers. This video was prepared after the expected psychological and psychotropic brainwashing by the SBU representatives.

Firstly, the camera which filmed Shaptalov had been installed sideways, at a 45 degree angle. The look of the interrogated serviceman before his speech constantly focuses on a wall that gets into the shot. This fact proves what Shaptalov glances at the attached sheet of paper not to forget the main theses of the speech written by the SBU agents for him.

Secondly, the video is stitched together out from short pieces. The aim is to make it easier for the prisoner to say by heart the memorable phrases, with the minimum diversion of attention of the crib, and it confirms an impact on the detainee during breaks between shootings of the learned phases.

Thirdly, there are noted the contradictions in the texts read by Shaptalov on the first video after his preliminary brainwashing, and on the second video when he was prepared by the “professionals”. The fake which was clumsily made by the Ukrainian so-called Spielbergs provokes only laughter.

In this regard, I would like to focus on this scheme the Ukrainian intelligence agencies use to entice the military personnel of the DPR Armed Forces to their territory (the territory of the "gray zone") to capture them. But in this case, of course, the SBU agents have backed a wrong horse, having enticed a maverick, who doesn't have any relation to the Armed Forces and who was in commander's bad standing and that's why has been limited to get access to any classified information.

Nevertheless, the scheme of deception of the military personnel is implemented by means of psychologists who go on various tricks for obtaining predisposition and earning trust toward themselves communicating in social networks. Generally, when interacting in social networks the SBU agents use women. Their profiles are fakes as a rule. Each of them has some kind of a legend. When interacting the agents offer fake photos of an intimate nature, thereby forcing the victim to have straight talks. In case their victim is a serviceman, then further he is invited to a meeting to the settlement which is in the "gray zone" in order to have an opportunity to kidnap him.

Thus, in spite of the fact that most of the servicemen show care and have immunity to such kind of communications, nevertheless, there exists a threat to get involved in such a scheme. In this regard we call on the DPR residents, with the requirement to exclude an opportunity to be compromised using such contacts, especially which can lead to your capture by the intelligence agencies of Ukraine. Remember that a fat, pimply man adhering to non-traditional European values which became very popular in the ranks of the SBU and AFU may hold a conversation with you via Internet.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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