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Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 14.09.2016

14.09.16 04:01
Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 14.09.2016

The situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic has abruptly aggravated.

Yesterday morning the Ukrainian side attempted sabotage-reconnaissance group break-through in the area of the locality of Zaitsevo and it provoked counteractions from our side.

After that, yesterday’s noon, the Republican Head Aleksandr Zakharchenko in the name of reducing tension on the contact line and giving a regular chance to Ukraine’s leadership of solving the conflict by peaceful means,  put forward an initiative to the Ukrainian side to stop the mutual shellings at 00:00 on the night of 14-15 September. Due to this, he gave the corresponding orders to our formations and military units of the People’s Militia which are to inviolately implement them since today’s midnight.

Nevertheless, last night the Ukrainian side used this opportunity to fire all their ammunition arsenal with the military equipment prohibited before the ceasefire regime came into force.

Altogether, over the past day the Ukrainian military violated the ceasefire regime 585 times.

On the territory of the Republican localities there were launched 85 artillery shells, 162 mortar shells of 120mm caliber and 275 mortar shells of 82mm caliber. Besides, the fire was opened with infantry fighting vehicles, rocket anti-tank launchers and small arms.

The Ukrainian punishers shelled the localities of Ozyeryanovka, Zaitsevo, Krasny Partizan, Makeyevka, Yasinovataya, Spartak, Mineralnoye, Trudovskiye, Aleksandrovka, Dokuchayevsk, Nikolayevka, Sakhanka and the Petrovsky district of Donetsk City. 

As a result of the punishers’ fire there got wounded six civilians. 

As a result of the artillery shellings on the part of the AFU there got damaged the following:

In the locality of Makeyevka there got damaged six house-buildings, including the school building and the gas pipe line as well.

In the locality of Gorlovka there got damaged three house-buildings;

In the locality of Zaitsevo there got damaged four residential houses;

In the locality of Sakhanka there was destroyed the electrical substation;

In the Petrovsky district of Donetsk City there got damaged a house-building.

Besides, as a result of the battle taking place at about 11, on September 13, 2016 against the enemy sabotage-reconnaissance group of the AFU special forces near the locality of Zaitsevo, trying to penetrate on the territory of the DPR to carry out a terrorist attack, there heroically died three our servicemen. It is important to note that almost the whole group of the Ukrainian subverters was liquidated; the bodies of 11 people remained lying on the battle field for two hours then the Ukrainian side evacuated them.

The use of the sabotage-reconnaissance group, including one that consists of under-age residents of the Republic who remained without a house and parents as a result of destroying their houses by the Ukrainian punishers, tells about the fact that Ukraine has chosen the terrorist methods of the war in Donbass. 

We are calling upon the world community to pay attention to these facts.

Our intelligence keeps registering facts of preparing the provocative acts and the military actions activation. Thus, in the area of:

The locality of Krasnogorovka (3km away from the contact line) there was registered the presence of the temporary fire positions of two work units of mortars of 82mm and 120mm caliber;

The locality of Novgorodskoye (6km away from the contact line) there arrived three tans and two vehicles with ammunition on the territory of the machine-building factory;

The locality of Nikolayevka (13km away from the contact line) there was registered the presence of three tanks and five vehicles with ammunition.

All the data on violating the Minsk Agreements by the Ukrainian side and the location of the AFU military equipment prohibited were handed over to the OSCE and JCCC representatives.

Yesterday, on September 13, the servicemen of the separate troop of the People’s Militia Komsomolskoye together with the All-Russian veterans’ organization Boyevoye bratstvo rendered the humanitarian aid to the social objects of the Republic.

In particular, it was rendered to the school and three kindergartens in the locality of Komsomolskoye, to the schools and kindergartens in the locality of Rozdolnoye, to the school and kindergarten in the locality of Solntsevo and there were handed over foodstuffs and clothes to the families of the dead servicemen living in the locality of Telmanovo. Altogether, the DPR People’s Militia rendered the humanitarian aid by foodstuffs, essential tools and clothes weighting 3,5 tons.  

We will keep holding events concerning the support of the population and of the comrades-in-arms families members. 

The Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia Eduard Basurin, the official translation by the DONi News Agency


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