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Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 14.08.16

14.08.16 02:24
Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 14.08.16

The situation in the Donetsk People's Republic has become aggravated.

Over the past day the Ukrainian punishers violated the ceasefire regime 675 times. 

The enemy continues to use the artillery shelling the civilian towns. It was launched 192 artillery shells of 122mm and 152mm caliber and 394 mortar shells of 82mm and 120mm caliber and 7 tank's shots. Besides, the shelling was carried out with infantry fighting vehicles, grenade launchers and small arms.   
The people's murderers Gorbatyuk, Vodolazsky, Zabolotny, Zubanich, Panchenko, Goraz were in charge of shelling the Republican localities of Zaitsevo, Gorlovka, Shirokaya Balka, Krutaya Balka, Yasinovataya, Spartak, Yasnoe, Elenovka, Aleksandrovka, Dokuchayevsk, Oktyabr, Kominternovo, Leninskoye, Sakhanka and the Petrovsky district of Donetsk City.  

There was the massive shelling of:  Gorlovka where 14 houses and the school № 84 were shelled, 10 houses are damaged in Zaitsevo, also Yasinovataya, Dokuchaevsk and Petrovskiy district of Donetsk city have been shelled. In general 28 houses were damaged. 


We keep registering the redeployment of the AFU military equipment prohibited by the Minsk Agreements near the contact line. Thus, in the area of the localities of:

Ostroe (11 km away from the contact line) there was registered the arrival of 3 units of MRLS "Grad";

Georgievka (7 km away from the contact line) there was registered the location of 3 self-propelled howitzers "Gvozdika" with the calibre 122 mm;

Novomikhailovka (5,5 km away from the contact line) there was registered the location of 4 mortars with the calibre 120 mm;

Novgorodskoe (6 km away from the contact line) there was registered the location of 2 tanks.

It is registered the increase of the drones' usage by the enemy. The work of 5 drones is registered in Gorlovka and Donetsk directions. They did the adjustment of artillery subunits and that is the reason for the increase of DPR's localities' shelling from the heavy artillery. 


Because of big amount of nonbattle casualties among the AFU, the Ukrainian command decided to  withdraw some parts of subunits to the base training fields for the military personnel instructing under the control of American experts. It is registered that the composite company from 1 battallion of the 30th separate mechanized AFU's brigade was withdrawn to the Yavorovskiy training field (Lvov region).

Because of the increase of the road accidents with the military vehicles the special attention will be concentrated on the drivers' preparation.  The last accident with the military vehicles happened in Novokalinovo village. It was an accident with the artillery division of the 58th mechanized infantry brigade where two civilians got injured.  

So the facts of the desintegration and chaos in the Ukrainian army are obvious. As a result of this not only Ukrainian soldiers, but also civilians got injured. 

Vice-Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry operative command Donetsk Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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