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Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 12/02/2017

02.12.17 06:00
Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 12/02/2017

The situation on the contact line remains tense.

In the Donetsk direction, 60 mortar shells of 120-mm and 82-mm calibres were launched by the enemy on 11 localities and the surrounding areas; the enemy also resorted to various grenade launchers and small arms.

In the Mariupol direction, AFU units targeted two settlements with ten mortar rounds of 120-mm and 82-mm calibres, grenade launchers and small arms.

In the Gorlovka direction, the areas of three localities were targeted with 38 mortar rounds of 120-mm and 82-mm calibres and small arms.

In total, over the past 24 hours, 27 violations of the ceasefire regime by the Ukrainian Armed Forces were recorded.

Enemy’s attacks resulted in one DPR Armed Forces’ soldier wounded, as well as power line and a house in Yasnoye locality damaged. 

Our reconnaissance recorded the withdrawal of separate units of the 24 separate assault battalion "Aidar" for replenishment of irrevocable losses from Gladosovo and Travnevoye, occupied earlier. Minor forces continue terrorizing civilians.

Also, according to the reconnaissance service, as a result of the squabbles between the Ukrainian security forces in the seized villages, twelve Ukrainian servicemen were killed and five were injured, not counting the six Georgian mercenaries who were injured as a result of targeted artillery shelling from the position of the 128 brigade. The main reason for the death of Aidar battalion fighters was internal political contradictions between the leadership of the SBU and the AFU, as well as between the Georgian fifth column and the Ukrainian army (as we reported earlier).

The information on losses in the units of the AFU was confirmed yesterday by the press center of the so-called 'ATO' zone headquarters, but later it was disproved. This uncertainty in the coverage of the situation has been pursued by the Ukrainian party ever since the very beginning of the occupation of Gladosovo and Travnevoye villages.

Also, the Ukrainian party actively continues to mine perimeters around the occupied settlements, as a result, yesterday, a truck with servicemen of AFU's 128 brigade blew up on one of the mines. As reported by the Ukrainian side, allegedly, for the supply of water to the units of the AFU. Three Ukrainian servicemen were killed because of the explosion. We do not exclude that it was the hidden revenge of the guerrillas of the Georgian National Legion to the mountain infantry for shelling their positions on November 27, as a result of which six Georgian mercenaries were wounded.

It is important to note that as a result of an unsuccessful attempt to seize the positions of the LPR People's Militia in the area of Frunze settlement, the Ukrainian party lost four killed and three wounded. This caused great resonance in the Ukrainian society. And while the AFU were holding gainless positions in Gladosovo and Travnevoye, the Ukrainian security forces have already lost fifteen servicemen killed and eleven wounded. Probably, when the reasons for the deaths of servicemen are internal skirmishes, then, firstly, such figures do not frighten anyone, and secondly, nobody feels sorry for the dead.

It should be noted that Ukrainian occupants do not stop terrorizing the local residents of Gladosovo and Travnevoye. In particular, we receive information about the reinforcement by punishers of checkpoints in the captured villages. People, like prisoners of a concentration camp, are not allowed to enter the territory under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, fearing that residents with anti-Ukrainian views will be able to spread the truth in the whole of Ukraine about the ongoing lawlessness on the part of Ukrainian war criminals. Also, restrictive measures have been introduced to exclude the contacts of the affected residents with representatives of the international missions of the UN, the OSCE SMM and the ICRC.

The armed meltdown of the Ukrainian security forces unleashed in the occupied villages and the chaotic mining of their environs poses a direct threat to the lives and health of civilians, and we call on the world community to resolutely condemn the irresponsible and criminal actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' command, as well as to obtain from the Ukrainian authorities the execution of the Minsk agreements in respect of neutrality in the 'grey zones'.

To stabilize the humanitarian situation in the affected villages of Gladosovo and Metalist (Travnevoye), the leadership of the Republic provided free assistance to its residents. Humanitarian assistance to residents of villages occupied by the AFU in the form of free supplies of coal for the winter and food can be obtained in the nearest settlement in the territory of the DPR - in the village of Golmovsky. Unfortunately, Ukrainian terrorists do not provide or allow any humanitarian aid from international organizations, including from the DPR, into the occupied territories, so we are forced to distribute it from a nearby settlement.

I hope that AFU's punishers will not prevent residents of the occupied settlements of Gladosovo and Metallist (Travnevoye) from receiving humanitarian aid from the DPR, which they themselves are unable to provide.

The Ukrainian party keeps on terrorizing the population of the Donbass, both on the territory of the republics and temporarily occupied territories. In particular, on November 30, Ukrainian punishers targeted Debaltsevo with several leaflet filled shells launched from artillery systems of 122-mm. It should be noted that this is a direct proof of the non-compliance of the Minsk Armed Forces on the withdrawal of heavy weapons by the AFU. Moreover, the punitive men filled propaganda shells with antihumane leaflets, with the help of which they tried to force the civilian residents to leave their homes, because the Ukrainian authorities need not people, but cleansed territories.

However, due to inept actions of Ukrainian artillerymen and useless propagandists of AFU, the shells did not burst and fell into the residential sector of Debaltsevo, causing material damage to civilians. One of the shells broke through the roof in the apartment building and, by a lucky chance, did not kill anyone.

Another example of terrorizing of the Donbass inhabitants were rumors spread by the AFU about the intention of AFDPR units to surrender the settlement of Pavlopol. We do not exclude, perhaps, the servicemen of the Ukrainian army were really going to leave a disadvantageous area, because some of the forces defending the city are cut off from their reinforcement by the Kalmius river.

At the same time, we found that the rumors began to spread by the AFU military after the local administration refused to collect from the local residents a loan for the eternally starving units of the AFU.

In conclusion, our intelligence fully controls the situation on the contact line segments, which are a threat of provocative actions by the AFU. Any attempt by the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to reduce the interposition space will end up with unjustified losses for their units. Solely the command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces of Ukraine, namely, Muzhenko, Zabrodsky, Vishnevsky, Maistrenko and other semi-chiefs who do not think about their subordinates, but about a monetary award or another award, are to blame for all the dead Ukrainian soldiers.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People’s Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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