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Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 08/19/2017

19.08.17 01:26
Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 08/19/2017

The enemy keeps applying the weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements when shelling the territory of the Republic. 

In the Donetsk direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine applied artillery, tanks and mortars. 11 tank-shells, 14 projectiles of 122mm caliber, 66 mortar-shells of 120mm caliber and 75 mortar-shells of 82mm caliber were launched on 10 localities and their nearby areas. 

In the Gorlovka and Mariupol directions, the enemy shelled 8 localities and their nearby areas with artillery, tanks and mortars having launched 14 tank-shells, 15 projectiles of 122mm caliber, 42 mortar-shells of 120mm caliber and seven mortar-shells of 82mm caliber as well as grenade launchers and small arms. 

As a result of mortar-shelling of GORLOVKA outskirts from the positions of the 128th separate mountain infantry brigade under the command of Military Criminal Sobko, the woman living in Vilenskaya Village Elena Sergeyevna at the address: Revolyutsionnaya Street, 2 was wounded. 

Altogether, over the past 24 hours there were registered 39 ceasefire violations on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

The enemy continues implementing planned provocations aimed at discrediting the DPR Armed Forces on the eve of the upcoming meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk. According to information available to us, correspondents from the USA arrived in Avdeevka in the zone of responsibility of one of the battalions of the 72nd separate mechanized brigades, to whom the press service of the brigade intended to demonstrate the aggravation of the situation in the area.

In this regard, the units of the 72nd brigade had to work very hard. Almost half of all the bombardments of the DPR recorded over the past 24 hours were precisely conducted from the positions of this brigade with tanks, artillery of 122 mm caliber and mortars of 120mm and 82 mm caliber. Most of the settlements near Avdeyevka: Spartak, Mineralny, Yakovlevka, Yasinovataya, Krutaya Balka and Vasil'Vecka were shelled on the order of Military Criminal Sokolov.

The activity of the leadership of the Ukrainian side to the JCCC is of concern. In terms of the number of false accusations and statements regarding fictitious shelling from our positions, Ukrainian representatives in the Joint Center will soon outstrip the speakers of the "ATO" headquarters. The Ukrainian military command increasingly attracts observers to JCCC to participate in ongoing provocations and staging.

It should be noted that the Joint Center is designed to control, coordinate the ceasefire and stabilize the situation in the conflict zone, and its representatives must adhere to a neutral and impartial status, and not allow their involvement in direct military clashes in the interests of any of the opposing sides.

Therefore, I strongly recommend the leadership of the Ukrainian side in the JCCC not to hurry to follow the instructions coming from the headquarters of the "ATO", since all the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Command are aimed at destabilizing the situation and resuming active hostilities in Donbass.

Vice-Commander of the DPR People’s Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin official translation by DONi News Agency 


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