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Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 05/10/2017

10.05.17 03:26
Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 05/10/2017

Over the past 24 hours the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the localities of the Republic along the whole contact line. Since yesterday morning by shelling the locality of Bezymennoye with the weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements the enemy extended the shelling zone during the whole day, aimed at disrupting celebration of the anniversary of the Great Victory in the Republic what was 61 violations of the ceasefire regime. 

In the Gorlovka direction 14 violations were registered. Artillery and mortar detachments of the AFU shelled the localities of OZERYANOVKA, SHIROKAYA BALKA and KRASNY PARTIZAN. Four 122mm projectiles and 44 mortar-shells of 82mm and 120mm caliber were launched. Also, the enemy shelled the localities of ZAITSEVO, ZHELEZNAYA BALKA, MIKHAILOVKA and GORLOVKA with IFVs, armored vehicles, different types of grenade launchers and small arms.  

26 violations were registered in the Donetsk direction. The localities of Krutaya Balka, Yasinovataya, Vasilyevka, Yalovlevka, Mineralnoye, Spartak, Dokuchayevsk, the airport, the Kuibyshevsky, Kirovsky and Petrovsky districts of Donetsk City underwent shellings. In this direction five 122mm projectiles and 120 mortar-shells of various calibers were launched on the territory of the Republic. A residential house on Spartak Street, in the Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk City was damaged by a projectile direct hit on the part of the Ukrainian terrorists where Khlopova Anna Nikolayevna born in 1990 and her eight-years-old daughter Anastasiya were wounded. Also, during AFU shellings of this district a residential house on Krasnaya Street in the same district was damaged.  

In the Mariupol direction 21 violations were registered. The enemy launched 25 projectiles of 122mm and 152mm caliber, made 22 tank-shots and launched 77 mortar-shells of 82mm and 120mm caliber on the territories of the localities of Belaya Kamenka, Kominternovo, Sosnovskoye, Leninskoye, Dzerzhynskoye, Sakhanka, Oktyabr and Bezymennoye. Besides, seven residential houses were damaged in the locality of Bezymennoye.  
Losses of the DPR Armed Forces amounted to one dead and one wounded. 

Giving criminal orders to shell residential areas of our Republic the fascist military-political leadership of Ukraine attempted to disrupt celebration of the bright holiday of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War by us. 

Moreover, according to our intelligence, to conduct artillery fire, the military personnel was selected from the pro-Nazi servicemen and units of the 36th, 40th separate brigades and the regiment ‘Azov’. 

Thus, in the 40th separate brigade guided by the Nazi – Colonel Panchenko, who had gave order to shell the locality of BEZYMMENNOYE, the selection of the military personnel and direct leadership were imposed on the Vice-Commander of the 1st battery concerning work with the military personnel, Senior lieutenant Bilogub and the commander of the detachment of 152mm weapons ‘Giatsint-B’, firing at local residents, was Sergeant Oboista.  

It is just few of the military criminals who are guilty of victims among civilians, destruction of the residential area in the locality of Bezymennoye in the south of the Republic. 

It is those Judases selling the lives of ordinary people to receive extra 1,000 UAH.  

We can see that for the participants of the “ATO” – this conflict is not the war of Nazi-patriots, as Kiev says, for “the integrity of Ukraine” but is an ordinary shooting ground with a prize – money.  

Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


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