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Donbass Tours offers unique possibilities to travel to DPR and LPR in 2017

20.03.17 04:53
Donbass Tours offers unique possibilities to travel to DPR and LPR in 2017

Thinking about travelling to Donbass? Would you like to participate in the Victory Day celebration on May 9 in the Donetsk People's Republic? What about having a unique summer tour in the free Donbass?

Donbass Tours has opened a new website for tourist services, offering regular people very interesting possibilities to see the conflict zone, witness the truth, and enjoy the beautiful Donbass. In year 2017 Donbass Tours will start in May and continue till September.

Donbass Tours is an official and international tourism development project to gather friends of Donbass for visits to the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. Donbass Tours is a part of DONi Donbass International News Agency, giving a reliable, transparent and trusted way for travellers to experience the republics. 

The program, designed to develop tourism in Donbass, was started in 2016 with four successful tours which were arranged for French, Italian, and Finnish groups. The director of Donbass Tours is DONi News director, Janus Putkonen.

The first international groups in 2017 will be gathered in May to participate in important national events in the DPR and LPR. Travellers will see the Victory Day parade and celebrations of the Republics' Days both in Donetsk and Lugansk. Apart from that, on the great national day the holy memorial site, Saur Mogila, will be visited. To confirm a place in the May groups, it is suggested to contact Donbass Tours as soon as possible.

Donbass summer tours will begin in June. You will find special country & language targeted tours’ dates on the website. Donbass Tours will be arranging visits for international groups until September.

During the carefully arranged week's program everyone will experience the hidden reality of Donbass. The groups will travel around the Donbass from south to north, visit numerous famous sites and places, so that everyone could witness the true situation in the conflict zone themselves.

If you are interested in the possibility of joining the tour in the coming May or summer, please visit the new Donbass Tours website and send your information to the travel agency via the contact form. Approved travellers are to be assisted by experienced tour guides in several languages: English, Russian, French, Italian, and Finnish.

Notice: Donbass Tours is actively searching for new business partners and looking to hire group leaders to gather Donbass friends' groups from new target countries. If you are interested in joining the Donbass tourist program as a possible new partner or a group leader, please contact Donbass Tours

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