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Americans launch investigation into Poroshenko's large-scale fraud

06.10.17 08:01
Americans launch investigation into Poroshenko's large-scale fraud

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, which is considered to operate under the control of the US Embassy, launched an investigation into the large-scale land frauds of Pyotr Poroshenko near Kiev, Vitaly Kupriy said on the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada. 

The deputy said had obtained a sanction from the judge to initiate an investigation, because he proved that Poroshenko's manipulations were similar to what a Kharkov politician Mikhail Dobkin was accused of. 

"The judge of the Solomensky Court of Kiev made a decision, which obliged the detectives of the NABU to launch an investigation against Pyotr Alexeyevich Poroshenko. 

I will remind you of the so-called schemes, by which he fraudulently seized land in Tsarskoye Selo in the city of Kiev, introducing the top management of Roshen Corporation into the housing construction cooperative. 

These are the events which took place a decade ago, but it is very interesting that the investigation will be held now. 

But how have I come up with and justified the adoption of this decision? I showed the judge the idea of ​​the Prosecutor General to remove immunity and bring to criminal responsibility, to arrest Mikhail Dobkin. This is a 100% similar performance, which worked, and the judge is now compelled to investigate the case of Poroshenko as well," Kupry said. 

Let us recall that in Koncha Zaspa, in the village of Kozin, there is located the palace of the incumbent President Pyotr Poroshenko. His rival, Yuliya Timoshenko, also owns a house in Koncha Zaspa. 

Earlier, a 'volunteer' Maidan supporter Yury Kasyanov published a photo of the interior of the chapel, built on the territory adjacent to the palace of Pyutr Poroshenko near Kiev. One of the frescoes on the wall of the chapel depicts Poroshenko himself and his family members. 

The publication by Kasyanov caused a storm of emotions in the Ukrainian segment of social networks. Supporters of the Maidan have long threatened a new revolution, after which the palace of Poroshenko would repeat the fate of Mezhyhirya, the residence of Viktor Yanukovich near Kiev. 

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