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All Russians living in Finland officially listed as national threat

25.11.16 03:41
All Russians living in Finland officially listed as national threat

Finnish national security police SUPO has published a wide report concerning the main national threats. According to the published material all Russians, who have a dual citizenship in Finland, are listed as a threat to the national security. In principle, all of them are seen as possible Russian spies.

Information about the Finnish national security situation was given on Tuesday at a press conference, where the Finnish Minister of Internal Affairs, Paula Risikko, and the Head of SUPO, Antti Pelttari were present.

The Finnish newspaper Iltasanomat published a collection of 34 key points based on the wider official report, what had been published earlier in the day. In the section 28 the report says:

"From the view of intelligence defense, relevant is the question about dual citizenships. The example is all Russian citizens, not dependent from their dual citizenship, by the law of Russia, obligated to help Russian security officials." 

No others but the Russian dual citizens were mentioned as an example for the national security threat to Finland.

Russia was mentioned also as a hybrid-threat to Finland, as an attacker, which tries to affect public opinions and directly influence the decision makers. Also the use of Russian "unmarked soldiers" was listed as a threat, and Finnish officials are afraid, that Russia could make cyber attacks on the Finnish energy sector.

All mentioned claims and accusations are based on Finnish official anti-Russian view about the events in the Crimean peninsula in 2014, the development which took place in former Ukraine, after the western backed coup in Kiev. According to published reports, Finland does not see other countries as a national threat, and only Russia was mentioned by its name.

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Pic below from the orginal Finnish mainstream media source, Iltasanomat:


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