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Alexander Zakharchenko holds working meeting at Starobeshevskaya TPP

30.03.18 03:38
Alexander Zakharchenko holds working meeting at Starobeshevskaya TPP

Оn March 28, the DPR Head held a workshop and met with employees of the Starobeshevskaya TPP of the Energia Donbassa (Donbass Energy) republican enterprise.

The visit to the main power generating company of the Republic began with a working meeting with the leadership of the Starobeshevsky district, the TPP, and the line ministry. The main topics of the meeting were raising salaries of the TPP employees, attracting high-quality specialists to the industry, and planned reconstruction of power unit No. 8, which has been out of operation since February 2015 due to unsatisfactory technical condition of the equipment.

After getting acquainted with the production capacities of the enterprise, representatives of the working team could personally ask the Head of State the questions of interest to them. In addition to problems related to the production and future of the enterprise, people were interested in domestic, social issues, and development of the village infrastructure.

"Thank you for your work. The fact that it is light and warm in our homes is your merit. Having talked with the management of the enterprise, I know your problems – these are low wages and hence the lack of specialists. You will see positive changes in the very near future. We will be managing the situation, we will definitely return a decent level of salaries. For today, the enterprise lacks more than 300 specialists. I am confident that personnel issues will be resolved after raising salaries. The Starobeshevskaya TPP is a strategic enterprise, that's why your challenges are significant," Zakharchenko addressed the enterprise's employees.

In addition to raising the level of salaries, the Head of the Republic promised full support to the enterprise in the restoration of equipment. Along with that, assistance will be provided in selling scrap metal accumulated at the TPP, upgrading the level of skills of engineering and technical personnel and the establishment of a training centre, as well as the operation of treatment facilities at the drainage complex. Alexander Zakharchenko also promised residents of Novy Svet, where the TPP is located, to get to the bottom of the village's problems as a whole. Thus, assistance will be provided in the restoration of а local bus station and а sports club.

The Starobeshevskaya TPP is the largest energy producer in the region. To date, enough energy – about 900 MW – is generated by 5 power units. Last year, the TPP fed the network with electricity in the amount of 5,504,1 million kW/h, which is 954,9 million kW/h more than in the same period in 2016.

Source: Official web-site of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko 

Official translation by DONi News Agency


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