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AFU fighters rape underage student in Donbass

16.09.17 12:01
AFU fighters rape underage student in Donbass

A resident of the town of Rubezhnoye called the hot line of the LPR Interior Ministry and reported that her underage daughter had been raped by two Ukrainian soldiers – participants of the so-called ‘ATO.’

"My daughter is studying at the industrial and pedagogical technical school in the town of Rubezhnoye. On the 7th of September at 6 pm she went to her fellow-student's dorm room to take notes, and did not return home that day. I called her groupmate, who said that my daughter had left her place at about 8 pm.

I ran to the nearest district national police department, they told me to wait for three days, and only then they would file a missing report for my daughter.

I almost went mad that night.

On Friday morning my daughter returned home: she was ruffled, tear-stained, and all her clothes had been messed. She immediately went to the bathroom and locked herself there for an hour and a half. After that she went to her room and did not go out for a long time.

By the evening she came out of her room and told me that on the way back home from her friend’s she had come across two Ukrainian soldiers who had been in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication. They grabbed her, dragged into the basement of the abandoned fire department. The abuse lasted the whole night.

Employees of the Rubezhnoye national police department refused to file the allegations of rape. The chief of the department told me the following: "... your daughter, that vocational school student, herself messed the servicemen, and now she must face the consequences on her own." Then he drove me away," the woman complained.

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