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About 30,000 people receive help at DPR MES centers since year’s turn

26.03.18 05:39
About 30,000 people receive help at DPR MES centers since year’s turn

About 30 thousand people have appealed for help to the support centers of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Donetsk People's Republic at the contact line in Donbass since the beginning of the year, reported Natalia Getova, the head of the Ministry’s department for public relations and international activities.

By Kiev’s decision, an admission regime has been introduced on the border with the territories of the Donbass region beyond Ukraine’s control since 2015. One can enter or leave the DPR and LPR only through the checkpoints. Four checkpoints operate on the contact line in the Donetsk region. Support centers of the Emergency Situations Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic operate next to them in the DPR-controlled territory.

"Over the past week, 2,666 people applied for assistance of various kinds to the Emergency Situations Ministry staff at the support centers, 28 of them needed medical assistance. All the people received qualified assistance. Since the turn of this year, more than 29 thousand citizens have been assisted," Getova said.

In April 2014, the authorities of Ukraine launched a military operation against the DPR and LPR, which had declared independence after the coup d'etat in Ukraine in February 2014. According to the latest UN data, more than 10,000 people became victims of the conflict.

The settlement of the situation in Donbass is being negotiated, including during the meetings of the Contact Group in Minsk, which has already adopted three documents regulating the steps to de-escalate the conflict since September, 2014. However, Ukrainian bombardments continue after the armistice agreements are passed.

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