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"To feel. To get inspired. To paint" – Moscow artist about Donbass

16.01.18 06:49

А Moscow artist Maxim Vasilyevich Fayustov came to the Donetsk People's Republic for the same purpose on May 16, 2017 – to feel, be inspired and paint this land.

Of course, the painter does not set before himself the goal to write a certain number of works, or to reflect something precise: everything depends on inspiration, but we can confidently say that in the near future the world will see the works by Maxim Vasilyevich dedicated to the Donbas. The main reason for this is the personal experience of the author in relation to the inhabitants of Donbass, and personal interest:

"When the war began in Donbass, it was news number one for all Russian people. Pain number one. We all worried about you, and tried it on ourselves – if it's aroused here, then it is possible anywhere," the painter said during his visit.

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