Gallery: Ukrainian war crimes visible in new Lugansk war museum

17.01.16 01:05

DONi News Agency delegation was visiting a recently opened exhibition in the center of Lugansk city. Researchers have collected an impressive amount of documents, items and materials about the conflict in Donbass, which highligt the war crimes committed by the Kiev forces since the beginning of the conflict and also the active participation of western-backed extremist Nazi batallions.

This hidden truth from Westerners about the real nature of the conflict in Donbass, aggressions towards the eastern part of former Ukraine and its citizens, is freely open for visitors in the middle of Lugansk city. One section of museum is concentrating to 2nd World War and the liberation of Lugansk from Nazi Germany. This comparison of historical events gives visitors a clear picture of how dramatic history is repeating today in a very dangerous and lethal way.

DONi News Agency

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