DONi News 1,250 meters below the Donetsk People's Republic - Exclusive Photo Report

31.07.16 02:26

Donbass is full of coal mines, especially in the Donetsk People's Republic. Donbass OPLOT TV arranged special possibility for an international team of DONi News to visit one of the deepest mines in Europe, where we travelled to its very bottom, witnessing extremely hard work of miners in tough conditions.

The coal is produced days and nights even in the time when defensive battles against Ukrainian aggressions continues around the DPRs borders - mostly by local miners.

"I assume, that there is not tougher guys in the world than Donbass miners. Those thousands in the tunnels and those thousands in the trenches, working and fighting hardly for the freedom and independence - new People's Republics.

Visit in the true core of the defense, 1,25 km below the ground in the coal mine, make me understand today from where this exceptional bravery, wealth and power of the Donbass people raises - which has managed to defeat all the attacks, aggression of Kiev regime and its western masters.

When after all, you raise back to sunlight from that dangerous and tough darkness, and you see the sandbags, which are covering the windows of the mine from Ukrainian shells, you live the miner's life in Donbass, where death is around, its above and below - reality just makes tough enough to stand everything", says the Director of DONi Donbass International News Agency, Janus Putkonen.

In the mine with international delegation: Johan Bäckman, Finland, Vittorio Rangeloni, Italy, Kristel Nean, France, Janus Putkonen, Finland. Thanks to Ministry of Energy, DPR, and OPLOT TV, Tatyana Mikhailova.

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