DONi in Zaitsevo: Fact findings, humanitarian missions, 13.4.2016

14.04.16 02:52

DONi News Team went one more time back on 13.4.2016 to Zaitsevo village, northern side of Gorlovka, to conclude "fact finding mission" in same place where Ukraine had just day before broked the truce just 5 mins after Head of OSCE mission, Alexander Hug left the village... And in front of our eyes.

Surprisingly for us, International Red Cross was in Zaitsevo to carry out urgently needed humanitarian mission at the same time and special truce with Ukrainian forces was agreed, so we had a great opportunity carry out our planned works in peace!

1. To find out what happened in base of DPR army when OSCE left and truce was violated
2. Document use of heavy caliber artillery towards civilian houses by Ukrainian forces
3. To deliver small donation given for SaveDonbassPeople and what was allocated to families living next to frontlines
4. To grant "Novorossia Medal" for special person, bus driver in Zaitsevo - real local hero, who drives public bus daily in middle of random grenade fire and just next to frontline positions, where civilians live
5. "Bonus report": Follow and document Red Cross actions in DPR

Reports and news in DONi News will follow!

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