Direct Discussion with the Head of the DPR, A. Zakharchenko (pics)

04.11.16 05:38

On 4 of November the National Unity Day was celebrated in the Donetsk People's Republic with Direct Discussion - event in Shakhtar Plaza conference center. The Head of the Donetsk People's Republic Alexander Zakharchenko answered tens of people's questions in the hall full of media, ordinary people, officials and journalists.

The speaker of the event was the Vice-Prime Minister Trapeznikov, and questions were given to the head from a wide arrange of issues. Example challenging geopolitical issues, warming systems in localities, questions about bus lines and documents for children's to attend schools was discussed. Many times Zakharchenko passed the question forward, demanding answers directly from ministers, who are in charge of certain issues. Ministers replied and further orders were given many times in the event, to "take care of this or that issue".

One kindergarten in Snezhnoye got an additional room, one woman achieved to settle her problem with school papers, coal miners salary in certain mine was promised to raise. One old woman in Gorlovka was even promised a new house and the city major gave his word, that this person in urgent need to be helped soon as possible. In People's Republic issues really happen directly from the leader to the public. One woman was concerned about possible corruption in the school system and ministry of internal affairs was ordered to work with issue concerning illegal school payments.

Interesting event took place almost two hours. The head of the ministry in charge of this issue assured to the question about old loans from Ukrainian banks, that there can not be such legal demands for people to pay back loans. Zakharchenko promised, that if someone tries to collect from DPR citizens money from Ukrainian loans, those people will be arrested.

"Donetsk People's Republic is 100 % ready to the heating season", said Zakharchenko and told about construction works, which have improved situation from the past winter. 

"There has ever been such low support for European leaders, like today in France and Germany. Situation looks like a circus and they can`t control their countries. Poroshenko is just waiting the results from US elections, we will see a change in situation by the end of this year", Zakharchenko said about geopolitics.

"Poroshenko, junta in Kiev don't want peace. They have huge problems with gas supplies and Kiev's relations with Europe are bad. Truth is, that Poroshenko does not have control to nationalist battalions which are placed to Donbass. They continue attacking in goal to make us fear and people to loose trust to Donetsk government. But just like Motorola's funeral showed to us, those attacks just make us stronger". 

"Donetsk People's Republic keeps its defence capabilities in the highest level and we are also ready to liberate our territories when the situation changes", Zakharchenko said, and the crowd in the hall cheered the firm leadership of republic.

Pics and report: DONi News Agency

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