Zakharchenko: Ukraine will cease to exist in 60 days [Video]

The Head of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR), Alexander Zakharchenko, said in Rossiya 1 Channel on Wednesday, that 'in 60 days Ukraine will almost cease it's existence'. 

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- How is it possible that no one of the reasonable Ukrainian politicians didn’t try to contact you, if because of the blockade Ukraine can find itself on the verge of economic catastrophe?

Zakharchenko: "Why do you think they are on the verge? They are already have the catastrophe starting from midnight, from today. Now the countdown is started and every day is another nail in the coffin of the country, earlier called Ukraine. In 60 days the country will almost cease it’s existence." 

And I also think they  do not contact us because they believe Turchinov and consider his statements to be true, but it is an illusion that will vanish quite soon.

- So you’re quite agree with the European politicians’ prognosis that serious Donbass situation aggravation is coming this spring, am I right?

Zakharchenko: "Well, you know, we live in this aggravated situation, and to tell the truth, we would rather have it sooner, so it could end faster and no one would accuse us of having started it, it is of the paramount importance for us and that’s why we don’t respond to the Ukrainian aggression. But if Ukraine decide to start it, as mister Turchinov puts it, they are welcome, we are ready, and I assume that horrible end for Ukraine is better than endless horror."

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Video: Rossiya 1 Channel, 1.3.2017


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