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Zakhar Prilepin: Malorossiya aims at creating a united state with Russia, Belarus

A well-known writer, Major of the DPR army and adviser to the DPR Head commented on the creation of a new state established in Donetsk

Zakhar Prilepin, a well-known writer and deputy commander for political affairs of a battalion of the DPR Army described in an interview to the Komsomolskaya Pravda how he sees the new state of Malorossiya proclaimed by the DPR authorities on July 18. 

Alexander Kots:

- Wasn't this statement unexpected for you?

Zakhar Prilepin:

- No, we really intended to surprise Moscow, Washington, and, of course, Kiev, first of all. And also Odessa and Kharkov. And I can see what is going on. In general, people still understand the historicism of this event, but I think several officials are standing by the window in Kiev eager to jump out with a scream, "The Russians are coming!"

- Zakhar, explain what was this done for and why exactly now?

- Well, because the topic is is long overdue. Because we have been watching the suicide of Ukraine for all these three years and solving both current military tasks, and diplomatic, political, and others. And we have gained forces. Now Donetsk is absolutely serious to say on all grounds that it is able to assume the functions of the capital and is ready to ensure law and order with the help of its armed forces in any part of Malorossiya.

- Zakhar, what regions had joined Malorossiya by the moment? Representatives of which ones have arrived?

- I think that there were representatives of all the regions, but only those from Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov spoke out.

- Within which borders will Malorossiya be established? And what are its borders at the moment? 

- Zakharchenko said that we would not give up Lvov either. It lies within the borders of the present, what used to be called Ukraine until today. And then it is just the issue of establishing administrations...

- Is it correct to say that the DPR and LPR have been united into one state?

- No, I think it's too early for doing this. Well, Donetsk announced being ready to undertake the functions of the capital and will proceed to this. And there are coming some separate issues, of a private nature already, concerning Lugansk, Poltava and Zaporozhye. I think, we will discuss this.

- What will happen to the Minsk agreements?

- The constitutional act we declared and adopted unanimously, in fact, is absolutely in line with the Minsk agreements. Moreover, Donetsk has extended a number of preferences envisaged by the Minsk agreements, in order to create a common statehood. Firstly, in fact, we will cease being separatists, we can not be called that way because we are acting in favour of unified statehood. And we will for sure cease being, because we are advocating a peaceful solution of the issue and have even proposed the document necessary for this. Donetsk has refused many advantages in order to simply dissolve in the overall state of Malorossiya.

- That is, there is already a course not to join Russia, but to crate an independent big state?

- This is an independent state, which, of course, has set its task now to establish a unified state of Malorossiya, Belarus, and Russia.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda 

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