Young girl, woman with a baby kidnapped, tortured in Ukraine

Denis Pushilin has urged the OSCE to pay attention to the conditions of prisoners' detention, as well as the physical and psychological impact applied to prisoners. The plenipotentiary representative of the Donetsk People's Republic to the Minsk negotiations especially expected the problem of Darya Mastikasheva to be resolved. The girl started a hunger strike in protest against the violation of her rights and brutal treatment on October 16.

Pushilin noted that the attention having been drawn to the fate of the 29-year-old girl and the unlawfulness of the actions of the Ukrainian forces repeatedly mentioned, the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated a criminal investigation into the abduction and torture of Darya Mastikasheva, accused by the Ukrainian authorities of treason.

"A case has been opened against unidentified persons, but charges against Darya have not been dropped so far, but this is, in fact, the Ukrainian forces' recognition of committed crimes. Especially if we take into account the criminal case initiated in mid-September 2017 on the abuse of authority by police officers who detained Mastikasheva," the plenipotentiary said.

Denis Pushilin said that, according to the Ukrainian party, Darya Mastikasheva could not be exchanged due to the fact that she belonged to the category of individuals who had committed particularly serious crimes, such as Irina Kozlovskaya and her five-month-old child.

"'The strongest army in Europe', allegedly guarding European values, continues fighting the elderly, women and children, ignoring basic human rights, manipulating and perverting facts. At the same time, people who were detained on the battlefield, with weapons in their hands, who had committed war crimes against the civilian population of Donbass, are waiting for the exchange in the DPR. But, despite the severity of the acts they committed, we are ready to return them to Ukraine so that all our people are released," Pushilin said.

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