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Western lies wiped out from Syria - Who still believe those from Ukraine?

When Russia has achieved in two weeks in Syria what US led coalition could not in two years, whole hidden truth about Syrian conflict has been finally exposed to wide audience in West. Facts have been seen and everyone can witness how hegemony-agenda ruled western mainstream media has been spread absolutely false narrative about true nature of Syrian conflict. Key factors behind terrorism are revealed, and what we can see, people around the world under influence of western information war psy-ops are waking up to very different reality. All that great lie has been wiped away with Russian Sukhoi-jets over Syrian sky, above destroyed ISIS-targets. What is important, its high time to all Europeans to ask real questions and demand answers, not only about roots of extremism and western backed actions in Middle-East, but also from factual truth in Ukraine and real nature of conflict in Donbass. What has been told doesn't reflect reality also here. Or does someone really think that those huge lies what has been spread, is only about fake war against terrorism? Just like in Middle-East, western narrative from Ukraine has been tightly connected to western geopolitical agenda. So called Russian "annexation" of Crimea and "Area of Terrorist Operations" in Donbass after blatantly glorified armed extremist coup in Kiev, has build a grim and distorted picture since 2013 among western population about situation in Ukraine and from its former territories. We have to remember what had happened right before Maidan-movement was launched in November 2013. After Russia successfully averted western military intervention against Syria, which was fueled by terrifying false flag terrorist attack with chemical weapons in August 2013, soon West was revenging Russian actions by fueling crisis in Ukraine. Western asset, European Union, set its harsh ultimatum to president Janukovich, forcing elected government to choose between West and Russia with EU association agreement. Its clear that Ukrainian decision from cooperation with Russia and Eurasian Union was expected in West, but then not accepted, and Euro-Maidan movement was launched to pave the way for the nationalist invasion. What we saw in Kiev was new kind of combination from CIA backed color revolution and armed extremist coup, run mainly by Soros foundations and other zionist entities. Soon Ukraine was totally occupied and taken over by new multinational globalist leadership. But NATO's geostrategic main target to block Russian navy in Sevastopol and tight Russian armed forces to its own borders have totally failed. Just like in Syria, also in Ukraine, overwhelming peoples resistance has emerged against globalist plans and achieved to ruin western plans and strategies. Russian policy of multipolarism has given trusted backbone for peoples will and right to self determination. From Donbass people's strong unity, new anti-tesis to West replacing Russia emerged in form of Novorossiya, causing collapse of globalist plans – physically in the first Ukrainian military defeat in Ilovaisk cauldrons on summer 2014 and then on February 2015 in Debaltsevo, forcing western proxies in Kiev to Minsk agreements and continuing, very fragile cease fire. What has been silenced from beginning in western narrative is fascist rulership in Kiev and its extremist Nazi forces in Donbass. What has been sided is peoples right to self determination, war crimes by Kiev forces, results of referendums and democratic processes in Crimea and Donbass. Blame from all aggression has been waged with baseless accusations and claims towards Russia. In western media, filled with Russian ghost armies and little green mans, truth has been a victim of ruthless information war and local defenders of their homes has been shown as aggressors - western backed nazis as liberators. It should be understood, that western backed, armed, trained and financed extremism is not danger only in Middle-East, but in Europe – in Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics – because “as goes Donbass, so goes the world”. ISIS and Nazi militants are made by same fascist, globalist agenda. "For the US, however, the surest route to maintain economic war against Russia, keeping Europe and Russia divided, and keeping Ukraine dependent, is for the war in the Ukraine to continue. This is why the US policy of directly supplying and training the fascist militias is so worrying", writes Dan Glazebrook in RT Op-Edge. He warns, that fascist militias could be the US wild card to trump peace after great defeat with its ISIS-militants in Syrian front. So can we wait another revenge from West by its US sword and its nazi-proxies from Ukraine? Conflict in Donbass is already outcome of geopolitical great game. Western luciferian habit to fuel extremism and wage wars to achieve goals is well known, but do we really have to wait western people's wake up to truth in Ukraine, Donetsk and Lugansk? Learning true nature of western power structure is a must – equally for everyone. Western bankers and their globalist associates endless greed to world hegemony will stop only when its stopped by all of us. DONi News Agency / Janus Putkonen, Chief Editor Read also:


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