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Volker: Kiev must be ready to grant Donbass special status, amnesty to its defenders

Ukraine should be ready to grant the Donbass special status and amnesty to its self-defense forces, the State Department's special representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker stated in an interview that was broadcast as part of the national expert forum in Kiev on Tuesday, November 28.

"Ukraine is obliged to take complex steps for the return of the Donbass, namely, to grant these territories a special status and to declare a partial amnesty for the ‘separatists’," he said, and stressed that Kiev "must be prepared to follow through." In addition, according to the representative of the State Department, the Ukrainian side should take care of citizens who live in uncontrolled territory.

Volker stressed that the US goal is to ensure the territorial integrity and independence of the country. In this regard, he expressed the hope that a solution would be found for the Donbass, which would suit everyone. The Special Representative stressed that Kiev should consider the Donbass as its own territories and, for this, try to "actualize certain things", referring to Ukraine's obligations under the Minsk agreements.

Earlier, the US has repeatedly stated that the Donbass should be granted a special status.

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