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"The delegation of journalists from the European Union visited the territory of the nowadays destroyed Lugansk Airport the heavy battles for which lasted during the whole summer of 2014", wrote the Lugansk News Agency about the visit of DONi delegation to the LPR on Friday.

"Journalists from France, Finland and Spain examined the remains of the main terminal, the abandoned fighting positions of the AFU, and also learned from the representatives of the People’s militia the chronology of the battles taking place on the site", said the Lugansk Information Center.

"I am a journalist, but I am shocked as it is part of modern history. I was in the Donetsk Airport and there were also huge destructions, but here they gained even, probably, still a larger scale," shared his impressions the Head of the delegation, the Finnish journalist, the Director of DONi News and DONi Press News Agencies Janus Putkonen.

"The Ukrainians have a huge bill which they have to pay for all this," he added.

"As many eyes as possible should to see such places. I feel the need to share information about this place and events. I will try to bring here as many delegations as possible in the future," said Putkonen.

A local Lugansk army soldier, who was participating in liberation of the Airport, told the DONi delegation the untold stories about those dramatic events. "In summer 2014 here were stationed 8 heavy artillery guns, which fired only on the civilian populated areas in Lugansk capital. From this fortificated position those guns had no military targets in their range and from empty shells fired from those guns, there could be built a four story building", said the soldier. 

"Here were placed both the Ukrainian army unit and the Neo-nazi fighters from the "Aidar" batallion. These troops were very hostile to each other and both units were under Kiev's command, but still they even shot each other when the Airport was surrounded by the Lugansk army", told the soldier. "They really hated each other".

"When the airport was liberated, the remained Ukrainian troops were offered a "safe passage" out from the cauldron by Lugansk forces. They left the place with only personal belongings and when we came here, we found truck loads of stolen goods and property, the Ukrainian forces have robbed from the local citizens," said the soldier.

Some items, belonging to the Ukrainian soldiers and showing the true nature of Kiev troops in the totally destroyed Airport, are a part of the new war museum, which was opened in the center of Lugansk City.  

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