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Ukrainian troops fire at northern suburbs of Donetsk from MRLS 'Grad'

The Ukrainian military fired at the the vicinities of "Volvo center" on the northern suburb of Donetsk from MRLS 'Grad' at night, reported the DPR Operational Command on Friday morning.

At around 23:15, the Ukrainian side opened fire at the area of "Volvo center" with the MRLS 'Grad'.

The losses and destructions as a result of firing by the AFU are being established at the moment. 


"Ukrainian armed forces shelled Donetsk northern neighborhood with MLRS Grad from the direction of Avdeyevka", said DPR Operations Command.

“We found out that the Volvo center was shelled with MLRS Grad from the positions of Ukrainian armed forces 3rd battalion of 79th separate airborne brigade from the direction of Nevelskoye village in vicinity of Avdeyevka,” the interlocutor said.

No damage was reported. The Republics defense positions were targeted. 

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