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Ukrainian massive shelling in Donetsk causing casualties and destruction - depriving water from 1,8 million people

The Ukrainian armed forces have attacked again massively against the Donetsk People's Republic. Ukrainian shelling deprives water from 1,8 million people in Donbass. Over the past day 61 occasions of ceasefire violations was recorded. Six civilian houses were destroyed and one civilian and one soldier was wounded. Ukraine has used again prohibited weapons, like heavy artillery, Grad multiple rocket launchers (MRLS), heavy mortars and main battle tanks.

Ukrainian forces attacked Yakovlevka village outside Yasinovataya with heavy weapons this night, reported the DPR Operational Command on Sunday.

"At 21:10, the Ukrainian party, in violation of the Minsk agreements, delivered blows with 122mm and 152mm artillery on the village of Yakovlevka near Yasinovataya," said the Command representative.

The bombardment was conducted simultaneously from two directions – Stepnoye village and Avdeyevka chemical coke-processing plant vicinity. The Command stressed that the DPR Army hadn’t opened retaliatory fire.

A civilian was wounded due to Ukrainian forces’ shelling of Trudovskiye village in the Petrovsky district in the west of Donetsk on Saturday, reported a source in the DPR power-wielding department.

"On June 10, at noon, the Ukrainian army shelled the village of Trudovskiye. As a result of the bombardment, a 47-year-old man was wounded," said the official.

According to preliminary information, the fire was launched with mortars. The victim was hospitalized to the city’s district hospital No.14.

"Over the past day, the Ukrainian Armed Forces committed 61 violations of the ceasefire regime. In total, 23 localities of the Republic underwent shellings," said the Command representative.

The fire was launched with heavy weapons, including tanks and artillery, mortars, armoured vehicles and personnel carriers, grenade launchers, and small arms.

According to the Command, the bombardments caused damages to at least five residential buildings in Trudovskiye village in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, in the Republic’s south in Sakhanka village and in Vasilyevka village in the Yasinovataya district. Information on casualties and destructions is being clarified.

Parts of Donbass out of water because of Ukrainian aggressions

"Ukraine keeps pursuing the policy of genocide and blockade of our Republic’s population. Ongoing shelling of the Yuzhnodonbassky water conduit’s 1st level pumping station in Vasilyevka locality serve as another confirmation to that," said the Vice-Commander of the DPR People's Militia, Eduard Basurin, on Sunday.

Yesterday, during a relatively calm period, our experts repaired the station’s out-of-service equipment damaged in the AFU shelling on June 9. But last night, since 22:30, Ukrainian units again started shelling the station, this time with the use of artillery and tanks. As a result of the Ukrainian bombardment, a transforming substation feeding the pumping station with power was damaged. At present the station remains de-energized, reported the DPR military command.

Ukrainian military and political authorities demonstrated absolute disregard for the population of our Republic and residents of the Kiev-controlled territories, trying to deprive them of access to drinking water in such a way.

"Let me remind you that the pumping station in Vasilyevka locality delivers water to five filtering stations, including four on the Ukrainian side, providing water to more than 40 localities inhabited by some 1.8 million people," Basurin said.

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