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Ukraine celebrates its independence day by shelling for the third time a JCCC observation point

Today, at 1:35 P.M., the Ukrainian army bombed for the third time in two weeks an observation point of the Joint Control and Coordination Centre of the cease-fire (JCCC) where there were Russian officers. There were fortunately no casualties.

For safety, the officers were evacuated from the area after three artillery shells of 122 mm fell on the area of their observation point (two in a wooded area and a third went through the roof of a building ). This shelling is not only a violation of the Minsk-2 agreements by the use of heavy artillery, but also a total violation of Kiev obligations regarding the safety of observers whose duty is to maintain the cease-fire.

Here, the front line is only at 1 km, and the holes left by shells leave no doubt that the shots came from the Ukrainian positions. At the time of our visit, the OSCE had not yet come to record the facts, but its observers were expected on site.

So it seems that Ukraine has decided to celebrate the day of its independence by finishing to sully its reputation and showing its true face: that of a terrorist state that does not assume its obligations as a state which signed several international conventions and charters.

As we are leaving the area, we hear new shellings, raising fears the worst during the night for civilians living in the area.

Christelle Néant

DONi News Agency



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