Ukraine: BUK-missile system never crossed Russian border - MH17 Document Leaks

Sensational Ukrainian top secret document leaks continue. The Sovershenno Secretno has published remarkable series of top secret Ukrainian official documents, testimonies and analysis, which confirms that Ukrainian air forces were directly responsible for the mass murder of civilians, shooting down the Malesian Airlines flight MH17 in July 2014.

As we know, the Ukrainian secret service SBU conducted a wide scale special operation to cover the event and destroy all the evidences: involvement of three UAF airforce jets behind the tragedy, which caused almost 300 civilian casualties over Donbass on 17.7.

Part 1: Leaked documents: Ukrainian Air Forces shot down MH17 - confirms conspiracy and guilt (05/24/2017)

Part 2: Three Ukrainian fighter jets included in shooting down MH17 - Leaked Documents (01/07/2017)

This third part of leaked Ukrainian documents shows that Kiev authorities have been well aware all the time that no Russian BUK-missiles ever crossed the border from Russia to the Ukrainian territory (see the picture and translation of the document below), which has been the core of the Ukrainian and western accusations.

As we can see, clearly a false flag operation was executed, and just hours after the tragedy Ukraine and its western allies started to blame Donbass People's Militia and Russia.

What we all saw that time was a huge war propaganda campaign, which also caused geopolitical consequenses, framing Donbass defenders as "terrorists" and Russia as "aggressor". We should keep in mind that almost immediately after the tragedy, using risen public reactions and hystery from the massive MH17 propaganda, EU and US sanctions were presented against Russia.

The script of the official conspiracy theory was published almost immediately by the Ukrainian secret service, claiming that Russian air defense equipments, a BUK M-1 air defense system, was used to destroy the Boeing 777 over the Donetsk region, and so called "evidences" were published only in the social media to back up these official claims and accusations.

But as we know well today, all of these video materials are proven fakes and in reality, we haven't seen any evidence of either existence or use of a BUK-missile to destroy civilian aircraft that day. 

Ukrainian border: 'Movement of a BUK M-1 not captured'

Translation in English: For official use only. Copy No. 1:

For official use only 
Copy No. 1
Вorder guard of Ukraine
Main processing center for special information
Resolution of V. Gritsak: To act. 26.07.2014
For No. 2/1/1-1296 from 20.07.2014

According to the paragraph 23 of the Regulations on date base "Information about crossing of the Ukrainian state border" approved by the order of Administration of State border guard of Ukraine from 25.06.2007 No. 472, registered in Justice ministry on 05.07.2007 under No. 765/14032 the information regarding an illegal crossing of the Ukrainian state border from Russian Federation, namely movement of an air defense system "Buk M-1" is not captured.

Head of Main processing center
for special information
colonel A.V. Palamarchuk

MH17 video analysis: "The Buk videos are fake"

On February 2016 important analysis made by Sergey Mastepanov was published, which shows that all video materials and pictures, which are the basis of the Ukrainian and western propaganda, are fake. 

"There are only four photos and three videos of the alleged separatists’ Russian Buk launcher. Most of them were uploaded to the social media within hours after MH17 was shot down, others were published elsewhere within days," Mastepanov wrote.

"All three videos have problems suggesting that the vehicles, including the Buk launcher, were added into the videos with the help of photo and video manipulation software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. The vehicles in the videos are most likely just photoshopped images," he continues.

"The videos have common characteristics: the vehicles have low picture quality and are blurry, they are shown at a far distance (excluding the Lugansk video), at a limited angle, you cannot see the wheels spinning of any vehicles, and in two videos, the truck with the Buk are visible only for about four seconds. Two videos were uploaded by anonymous accounts that have no other videos, one of which was created on the day of the incident. The third video was uploaded by Ukrainian officials. Evidence exists of deliberate deception by Ukrainian officials concerning the location of the area shown in the Lugansk video," he said.

See the full video analysis, read text in English:

DONi News Agency, editorial article

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