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Three Ukrainian fighter jets included in shooting down MH17 - Leaked Documents

The website Sovershenno Secretno continues sensational Ukrainian official document leaks from the tragic events and shooting down of the Malesian airlines flight MH17 over Donbass on 07/17/2014.

What has come clear, we should forget all those unproven fairy tales about use of land based BUK-missiles, and turn our focus to the proven executed combat operations of the Ukrainian air forces fighter jets.

Release of new materials includes not only new top secret documents of the Ukrainian officials and Ukrainian Security Service, SBU, but also very important testimonies, which highlight the facts: Three Ukrainian airforce fighter jets were on combat operations in Donbass and one or more of these military aircrafts are directly responsible for shooting down the Boeing 777, murderding almost 300 people on board.

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"Look, I know for sure, that the copies of these orders have been reshuffled from the staff documents of the Chuguev air force unit. I know by name the people, who did this. I know where the original of Voloshin's flying card is now... They committed a deliberate murder, they shot down the passenger board. They fulfilled a special operation." 

"The airplanes eventually took off on the 17th! Fact," said the Ukrainian source behind the document leaks to the Soverchenno Secretno.

Read full English translations from the material source:

Here is some of the keypoints from the revealed top secret material:

1. We believe, that the «Chuguev’s» documents and witnesses' revelations are the necessary puzzle, that will help restore the tragic events of July 17, 2014. The day, when the «Boeing» was shot down. On that day, when at 13:20:03 UTC or 16:21:28 local time, the recording of the flight recorders of a passenger airplane with 298 passengers and crew members broke. Three years ago.

2. Both the flight plan No.734 and the orders of the Commander of the military unit A 4104 No.No.702, 734, and the testimony of the Chief of Staff, Officer and refueler of this airbase, and even a summary of the weather conditions for July 17, 2014 lead us to the conclusion that on July 17, 2014, an airplane (or several aircraft) of the Ukrainian Air Force shot down a passenger Boeing 777, flight MN17. These could be planes SU-25M1 No.08, SU-27 No.36, MIG 29MU1 No. 29 (according to the information from the order of the Commander of the aircraft unit Dubovik) or «Sushkas» No.52 (unknown pilot), No.64 and No.63.

3. It was Captain Samofalov, who told to «Source B.», that according to his information on July 17, 2014, the fighter SU-27 made a combat sortie from the airfield Chuguev to the Torez-Snezhnoye area. It has a «task of covering up»: the destruction of the transport Boeing, which was carrying humanitarian and military aid for the militia of the LNR and the DNR. In fact, the Kiev authorities cynically planned the destruction of a passenger airliner.

4. The Сommander-in-Сhief confirms the main thing: on July 17, 2014 combat sorties took place, combat mission No.1 in the Torez-Snezhnoye area was completed. As Lieutenant Colonel Baturin said: «Task No.1 was carried out»... «On the day, when the Boeing was shot down».

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED (from the leaked document):

1. To secure the aircraft of the state aviation for a time of flight implementation 17.07.2014 to the pilots:

- Captian Voloshin V., SU-25M1 No. 08 (25508110284), second pilot Lieutenant Colonel Pomogaybo V.;
- Lieutenant Colonel Plohodko R., SU-27 No. 36 (19614), second pilot Soskovets I.;
- Major Ruchko I., MiG 29 MU1 No. 29 (2960731217), second pilot Major Sitnik G.

Expert comment: "Just as I expected!"

When we (Soverchenno Secretno) showed a copy of the flight map and two orders to the honored test pilot Ruben Esayan, he noted that, of course, these documents should pass a consolidated examination but at the same time he said: "Just as I expected!”

"It is problematically for the SU-25 attack aircraft to catch up with the Boeing, in that case it should have been brought close to it. It would take him more time to catch up the goal. But the fighters SU-27 and MiG-29 are supersonic aircraft, they could quickly gain this height and catch up with the Boeing. These are air combat aircraft.

I think that the Boeing MN17 is shot down by either MIG-29 or SU-27. Most likely it is the front-line fighter MiG-29 equipped with air target kill guns and missiles.

I can say with certainty that Boeing was not shot down by the Buk. When the fragments of the Malaysian airliner were showed I saw a fragment of the pilot cabin left side and in the pilot cabin’s area, on portside, a fuselage damage reminiscent of a cannon shot trace. There were 4 or five holes. The pilot of the fighter clearly took aim to the cockpit. So the task was the hitting the pilot cabin. Not the engines. Because if he made a shot at the engines, the engine caught fire, the air crew would report that the engine was on fire.

And he hit the place where the aircrew was for putting out of action immediately, so that they did not have time to report and say anything. This happened."

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