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State of Emergency Declared in Ukraine - TV Report

The state of emergency has been imposed today on Thursday in Ukraine. The reason for that is the crisis in the energy sector. Situation was provoked by Ukrainian radicals, who block rail shipments of coal from Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics to Ukraine. 

"The state of emergency in the energy market of Ukraine came into force on February 16 and will be valid for a month. This is stated in the disposal of the Government "On the application of temporary emergency measures in the electricity market" of 15 February," according to TASS.

For the fifth day Donbass is in full railway blockade. The radicals ignore exhortations of Ukrainian Prime Minister Groisman to lift the blockade. And today, these radical forces attempted to forcibly disperse the old men and women who do not agree with the blockade.

Many of Ukrainian power stations have switched to emergency operation. Out of 24 million tons of fuel material that Ukraine consumes nowadays, 9 million is anthracite which is mined in the territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Its supply provides energy for entire eastern part of Ukraine and the country’s capital, Kiev.

And there’s no alternative to Donbass coal, as it is quite a rare kind of coal, and many Ukrainian enterprises were designed based on it. Now, according to different assessments, the stock of anthracite in warehouses without further supply is enough for 14-45 days.

Because of the blockade Ukraine can be left without electricity and heating by the end of March.  Authorities recognize that rotating blackouts and tariff raising cannot be avoided.

"Today we gathered the ministers to impose emergency measures in power system of our country. I emphasize that this coal shortage was created absolutely artificially, and entire Ukraine knows the list of names of those people who did it. I stress that the government is ready and is rigorously fight with any kind of contraband in every corner of Ukraine. But to fight with the Ukrainian society, with people is unacceptable," said Vladimir Groisman, the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Thus, management of power-and-heating plants now is switching to a manual mode. The work of such plants that use anthracite will be minimized, the priority now is nuclear power, and the number of working boiler-turbine-generators operation in hot reserve in case of nuclear plant units’ shutdown will be cut by half.

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Video: UNION TV, 16.2.2017


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