Russia launches massive strategic missile force drills

Just after combat readiness check of two Russian military districts, over 10,000 troops will be involved in the maneuvers of three missile armies of Russia’s Strategic Missile Force, the Defense Ministry of Russia announced on Tuesday. This was reported by TASS News Agency.

"Command and staff exercises will be held in March in formations of the Vladimir, Orenburg and Omsk missile armies. During the drills, the inspected units and formations (missile regiments, technical missile bases, support and protection units) will practice measures to go on the highest combat alert and accomplish missions to bring missile regiments to the routes of combat patrols," the Defense Ministry said.

Overall, about 10,000 troops and 1,000 pieces of combat hardware will be involved the checks, following the end of the winter training period.

"Missile units and formations will be checked for all the components of combat readiness, combat duty and the personnel’s moral and psychological state and counteraction to terrorism. Also, exercises will be held to check combat training skills," the ministry added.

The Strategic Missile Force’s troops will also sharpen the skills of anti-subversion groups to detect, block and destroy a notional enemy. Engineer troops will clear obstacles, deploy posts for comprehensive water cleaning and install heavy mechanical bridges across rivers, the ministry said.

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According to: TASS


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