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Reuters fake news frames Donetsk People's Republic as 'Kremlin puppet state'

On May 11th the Donetsk People's Republic celebrated its 3rd anniversary as an independent state with a massive parade and public events. On the same day, Reuters didn't cover the events in Donbass, but without giving any credible sources, it framed the DPR and the LPR to be seen as "Kremlin ruled puppet states". This new piece of anti-Russian propaganda is what actually should be seen as a good example of fake news in the western media. 

Reuters article is titled as "ex-rebel leaders detail role played by Putin aide in east Ukraine".

First of all, there is only one name in the article given as a source for several hostile claims and accusations, and secondly, the Donetsk and the Lugansk People's Republic are located in the former east Ukraine. At the time when the Day of the Republic was being celebrated while this article was published just underlines the opposite situation that Ukraine has totally ceased to exist in Donbass. 

The narrative in the Reuters's article is based on the claim that Putin's aide for Ukrainian issues, Vladislav Surkov, is in charge of basically everything in the DPR and the LPR. Reuters claims that "three former rebel leaders say" this, and in other sentence, "five sources said" this, but then gives only one actual name to the public, Alexey Alexandrov, on whom they actually base their accusations on "Kremlin secretly running the show in Donbass".

So, the only actually interviewed person and who made this claim about the "secretive role played by Surkov" is known as an opposition figure in the DPR, who is not, and has never been a political leader in Donetsk, but only an ex-official in the Donetsk People's Council. The true reputation of Alexandrov here in the republic is a "hostile politologist", who was working in the advisory team of the ex-speaker of the parliament, Andrey Purgin. He was the chief of his staff.

What should also be highlighted is that Alexandrov is publicly accused of severely harming the national security of the DPR, and he has also an arrest warrant because of his actions against the republic, which was placed in 2015. So, what is his motivation to give hostile interview to Reuters? Why he is an ex-official?

Alexandrov has not been physically in the DPR in the past two years, and he also hasn't got a permission to enter to the DPR territory. He lives today somewhere in Russia, and why it's so, you should ask. Yes, we should expect at least some mention from his past in Reuters, and certainly when we are directed to the conclusions based only on his comments about Russia and Donbass people's republics, right? 

To make the narrative clear, Reuters says in its article, that "it has previously gathered evidence that Moscow sent Russian troops and irregular fighters and weapons to help separatists, who tried to break away from Ukraine in 2014". But no links or any factual material is given to observe these "evidences" for further examination, as usual, just another baseless and provocative claims against Russia: war propaganda.

It's kind of sarcastic to read on the Day of the Republic that Donbass defenders "just tried to break away from Ukraine 2014", because they actually did that, which is widely celebrated the same day here in Donbass. Or does someone really think that Ukraine still has authority left in territory of the DPR and the LPR? 

There is no sense to go any deeper to "details" written by Reuters, because the material has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. Yes, Alexandrov can say whatever he wants and continue his questionable career as an enemy of the people's republics. Other "sources" mentioned by Reuters can be just imagination of propagandists, what is also most probably behind claims about "Surkov's hidden role behind the DPR and the LPR". 

Reuters says that it has also tried to get comments and interviews from several Donbass leaders, including the Head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, and even from the Ukrainian president, Pyotr Poroshenko, but none of them are willing to give any comments about claims of "Surkov's hidden hand" in Donbass. Why so, you ask?

Because we know what fake news are and how those are produced by the western mainstream media.

Editorial article by the director, Janus Putkonen

DONi Donbass News Agency

Referring to: REUTERS


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