Republic bets on industry development - Alexander Zakharchenko

The Head of the Donetsk People's Republic visited the Makeyevka Foundry on November 3. After several years of downtime, the enterprise resumed production.

The Makeyevka Foundry Ltd was approved to become a new specialized enterprise, separated from a larger Makeyevka Pipe-making Plant in January 2002. The plant was idle processing for the last four years. The authorities of the Republic took all measures to ensure that the owner restored production.

Today, The Makeyevka Foundry includes relevant shops and infrastructure for the production of cast iron molten bodies for the metallurgical, construction and other industries, under which the preparation and processing of raw materials is necessary. Manufacturing capacity is expected to make 1,000 tons per month. The enterprise's products will be in demand both on the domestic market and on that of the Russian Federation. After the main workshops, including the foundry, had been started, the company employed 200 people. Plans call for the expansion of the staff in the near future.

Alexander Zakharchenko familiarized himself with the main production cycle, and also talked with the management and the working team of the foundry.

"The plant's products are used in all industries, so it was decided to launch this enterprise. Most of the products will be exported, but the plant will also provide the entire domestic industrial complex. I wish to note that this plant is private, it will not pass into state ownership. But, thanks to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, we forced the owner to restore production. The enterprise is capable of producing 4 to 5 thousand tons, the amount will depend on contracts. There is already a demand for products. The main thing is that we have launched the chain: the YuMZ, the YeMZ, and other enterprises of the industry have started working. This indicates that the Republic is developing, metallurgical industry is being raised. The rise of industrial potential is our priority. The plans include launching rolling production and a number of chemical industries," Alexander Zakharchenko said.

The MLZ launch became another step in the development of the industry which is strategic for Donbass. The metallurgical complex of the Republic now includes 5 metallurgical, 4 coke-chemical and a number of metal-working enterprises. For 9 months of the current year, the share of metallurgical enterprises in the general structure of industry of the Republic increased to 29%. The total volume of industrial products sales by metallurgical, coke-chemical and metal-working enterprises exceeded 30 billion rubbles.

Source: Official web-site of the DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko 

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