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Poroshenko is going to rename Crimea

Pyotr Poroshenko said that without agreement of Crimean inhabitants, the vast majority of which are ethnic Russians, the peninsula will be declared by the Verkhovna Rada the "Crimean Tatar autonomy."

The Ukrainian president said this at a meeting in Kiev, dedicated to the anniversary of the tatars' expulsion from the Crimea during the Great Patriotic War.

"A week ago, the Constitutional Commission, on my instructions, decided to establish a working group to work out proposals for amendments and additions to the Constitution of Ukraine on the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Consequently, we are taking the first steps in the creation of the Crimean tataric national autonomy in the Crimea.

Of course, this autonomy will fully take into account the equal rights and freedoms of Ukrainians, ethnic Russians and representatives of all other ethnic groups living on the peninsula. The Crimea is Ukraine, and Ukraine is Europe. Part of the civilized world, where human dignity and the sovereign rights of peoples are valued. I am confident in the de-occupation of the Crimea. I'm sure of punishing the criminals. The thief country will be forced to return the stolen," assured Poroshenko.

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