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Poroshenko in panic: Double National Guard cordon set around Verkhovna Rada

The Ukrainian authorities are preparing for a possible violent confrontation with participants of the protest action, which has been announced by a number of political forces today in Kiev, including supporters of Mikhail Saakashvili.

"Quarters around the presidential administration will turn into a zone of alienation this night. Lyuteranskaya Street has been blocked already on the far approaches to Bankovaya, alongside the curb there are military vehicles of the National Guard. The authorities decided to fence off the demands of changing the rules of the game and generations in politics. We have observed such developments already, haven't we? This madness only brings their [authorities'] end," People's Deputy Sergei Leshchenko wrote in the social network last night.

"The government quarter has been tightly blocked. Soldiers of the National Guard are training in the courtyard of the Oktyabrsky Palace, even during the parade on Khreshchatyk there were not so many of them. And I have not yet seen such a large-scale blocking," journalist Tatiana Danilenko wrote on her Facebook.

Another deputy of the Ukrainian parliament, Mustafa Nayyem posted pictures of the Verkhovna Rada's yard in his blog.

"Good morning. The whole quarter is surrounded by shields. Passage to the Constitution Square is possible only through the metal detectors. The parliament building is surrounded by a double chain of national guard and police," Nayyem wrote.

At the same time, Naim assures that the president refused to compromise on the requirements of the action.

Notably, the presidential administration assures that the enhanced security measures in the center of the capital do not run connected with protest actions, but have been caused by the alleged visit of the President of Malta to Kiev.

Let's also note that yesterday radical nationalists seized a helicopter pad in the centre of Kiev.

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