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OSCE hides Ukrainian war crimes: No report about shelled hospital in Yelenovka - DONi Exclusive

So, the OSCE Monitoring Mission did it again and DONi News needs to expose it - again - how the OSCE is actively hiding the truth about war in Donbass, and doing it in favor of Ukraine and its armed forces. This time the OSCE observers didn't want to report the whole truth about latest tragedy, caused by Ukrainian terror bombings in the village of Yelenovka. 

It's a common knowledge that the use of heavy artillery against hospital is a serious war crime and even one of the heavy shells, fired from Ukrainian positions, has clearly exploded in the territory of the local Yelenovka hospital and  around the same place, the OSCE didn't mention that in their latest report:  

"Further north on Moskovskaya Street, the SMM observed some slightly damaged residences and demolished outhouses," writes OSCE in their report about shelling of Yelenovka village without mentioning, that this location is far away (+800 meters) from another shelled location near the DPR checkpoint, which caused 16 victims. In other words, the OSCE is hiding now  crucial information from the international community concerning the serious Ukrainian war crime.

Tragic events went like this: On Wednesday 27.4.2016 at 02:45 in the village of Yelenovka, Ukrainian forces conducted deadly terror bombing with the use of heavy artillery against several civilian targets, which left 6 civilians dead and 10 wounded and caused notable destruction around the shelled locations. Two different sites were targeted simultaneously, hospital and checkpoint, and the distance between these locations is about 800 meters.

The OSCE was in place to investigate events and DONi News covered their presence in Yelenovka. The report about the OSCE findings was published on Thursday 28.5. on the OSCE website, where they accurately mentioned the use of 122 mm artillery towards several locations. The reported findings of  5 heavy shells also equal the documented materials by DONi News. It should be mentioned, that the deployment of 122 mm artillery to the contact line is prohibited by the Minsk Agreements.

But then, even it was 100 % clear that the weapons were used by  theUkrainian troops and shelling occurred from the Ukrainian side, the OSCE writes: "The SMM conducted analysis on the two craters – and on two others in nearby residential areas. Based on that, the SMM assessed that the direction of fire was west-south-west, and that the type of weapon used in the attack was likely 122mm artillery."

In other words, this mentioned "West-South-West" in this border location can only mean the Ukrainian positions, but this fact is ignored. It should be noted, that there is not even physical possibility in this particular location, that the deadly terror shelling could come from any other place, but from the Ukrainian heavy artillery positions.

OSCE Report, 28.4.2016:

DONi News Report, 27.4.2016: Hospital, several civilian targets shelled by Ukraine in Yelenovka - DONi Exclusive Pics

Just a week ago the OSCE was factually exposed by DONi News Agency in Zaitsevo village, DPR, where OSCE tried to hide the well known fact, that Ukraine broke the truce in Zaitsevo just 5 minutes after the Head of OSCE Monitoring Mission, Alexander Hug, had left the village and these important events were hidden in the OSCE reports:

Watch Exclusive DONi Documentary about OSCE Hiding the truth from war in Donbass!






DONi News, Editorial by: Janus Putkonen


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