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OSCE confirms Ukraine redeploying heavy weapons to Donbass

The OSCE SMM has once again detected unwithdrawn heavy weapons in the Kiev-controlled part of Donbass, an OSCE Mission's report, posted on its website, says. This comes as another evidence of Ukraine's preparations for another offensive in the region.

“The SMM observed weapons that could not be verified as withdrawn, as their storage did not comply with the criteria set out in the 16 October 2015 notification from the SMM to the signatories of the Package of Measures on effective monitoring and verification of the withdrawal of heavy weapons. In government‑controlled areas, the SMM observed seven self-propelled mortars (2S9) as present, and 31 tanks (T-64) as present for the first time.

The SMM observed that 21 anti-tank guns (18 MT-12 and three D-48, 85mm), 13 self-propelled howitzers (six 2S1 Gvozdika, 122mm and seven 2S3 Akatsiya, 152mm), 34 tanks (T-64), two surface-to-air missile systems (9K33 Osa), six anti-tank guns (MT-12) and 12 mortars (six PM-120, 120mm and six 2B11 Sani, 120mm) continued to be missing; and 21 tanks (T-64), seven self-propelled howitzers (2S3) and three self-propelled mortars (2S9) were missing for the first time,” the reports reads.

Representatives of the US Armed Forces Command have arrived to the conflict zone in Donbass to carry out an inspection on the readiness of Ukrainian units for offensive actions, stated the Vice-Commander of the DPR Operational Command, Eduard Basurin on Wednesday.

Regarding the armed aggression planned by the Ukrainian command, we turn to the world community to urge Ukraine in the person of Poroshenko, Poltorak, Muzhenko and Zabrodsky, to recall the commitments undertaken by Ukraine to prevent the resumption of the conflict in Donbass in accordance with the Minsk agreements," the DPR People's Militia statement said earlier this week.

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