Official: Ukrainian soldier shot civilians in Gorlovka check point - 2 died, 1 injured (Video)

Two civilians died and one was wounded at the Ukrainian border check point near the city of Gorlovka on Wednesday. Elderly man was shot to the head when Ukrainian soldier fired several bullets towards crowd of civilians with automatic weapon. People in the place were waiting in border check point to get over to the Ukrainian side from the Donetsk People's Republic.  

Acting Head of Gorlovka Administration, Ivan Prikhodko, comments Ukrainian attack against civilians at «Mayorsk» check point. See the attached video statement, translated in English.

The Ukrainian Army soldier climbed a trench shelter and took off the safety from machine gun and while raising a machine gun he pulled the trigger and it just so happens that he shot a crowd of people, Prikhodko said. 

DNR Online went to the scene to collect eyewitness accounts. They interviewed a man who confirmed Prikohodko's official statement and said, that "people were standing in front of the checkpoint in order to get on the bus, the check point was opened late, and there were lots of people and it was cold."

"AFU soldier fired a warning shot. Then he fired several shots, people were standing on the road near the trees and the bullet bounced off a tree and got to the man`s head", the eyewitness said. 

By eyewitness, man was 59 years old, citizen of Gorlovka. He told that the medical assistance was provided by people wearing unknown uniform, the body of killed man was covered, and they were waiting for somebody, maybe prosecutor office workers. 

DONi News Agency

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