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Militarization of Western Europe stamped: "Dawn of new EU Army"

The parliament of the European union has voted for creation of the new and powerful EU Army, which can take the lead in military operations over the NATO. It is declared, that the new western EU army will be up and running in less than a year, after years of active planning and preparations. 

The vote in EU parliament was not easy for the federalists and it was passed by 369 votes to 255, with 70 MEP abstensions. By the decision supported by globalist elements, the new EU Army will be prepared to act autonomously - without NATO leadership.

The European politicians have guaranteed at least 500 million euro in funding to set up their new European wide army which will be a "rapid response" team.

"Terrible news for democracy and sovereignty in the EU. Whilst our government is hamstrung by anti democratic MPs and the bloated House of Lords determined to railroad the referendum result, the EU has pushed ahead with their dream of an EU military. We cannot delay any longer or we risk being caught up in this federalist nightmare", said British UKIP leader Mike Hookem after the vote, reports  the Express.

The critics say, that the new EU army can be used also against Europeans, example to disperse public anti-EU movements and anti-Globalist demonstrations. 

New German-led EU Army has been prepared since 2010

The creation of the new EU Army has not been democratic process in the EU. The strategic goal has been in EU comission planning table for years already, and it has been created and pushed forward mainly by Germany. Already in 2014 it was reported, by the facts, that Germany was building new EU army before our eyes.

Hans-Peter Bartels, the chairman of the German parliament’s defense committee and the recipient of Kasdorf’s letter, left no doubt as to the final destination of all these additions. “The hour has come, finally, for concrete steps towards a European Army,” he told Die Welt.

Discussion, led mainly by Germany, about creation of the new EU army, backs at least to the year 2010, when German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle said, that "Berlin supports the long term goal of creating of an European army, which will bolster the EU's role as a global player."

"The long term goal is the establishment of an European army under full parliamentary control," Westerwelle said, noting that the German government "wants to advance along this path".

It should be noted, that in 2013 the German demand for creation of the EU army was explained with the stories about "Iranian threat", but since 2014 this pretext has been changed to "Russian threat".

Analysis: The western EU rubberstamb, and Trump's gift for US military industrial complex

Only by presented factual news information it comes clear, that from the hided western top level geostrategic decision about creation of the EU Army, to get rubberstamped approval from the EU parliament, has taken at least 6 years of political planning and preparations. Today it's not the day of any real decision, because it's promised, that the new EU army will ready for military action in less than a year. 

To achieve this impossible timeframe, the EU Army is actually already well prepared and formed, and everything has happened in media-political secrecy - just in before our eyes. 

After so many years of preparations without western media coverage, what has made the needed political momentum in the EU for creation of new and NATO-independent army? Certainly, it is the "shocking and surprising outcome" of the US presidential election, in the great moment of geopolitical uncertainty, about the future of US-NATO involvement in the Europe. So, is there a geopolitical globalist trojan-horse visible?

Seriously we should ask, was the creation of the new EU army the real reason behind decision about result, what caused Donald Trump to be chosen to lead the White House? It's has now come obvious, that his anti-globalist promises, "not to build US military hegemony over the world", will soon in fact, double the US military industrial complex arms exports to new federalized Europe - not only to build US-NATO armies, but the new second large and expensive western EU army, in the frame of the anti-Russian EU militarization. 

What has been certain from the beginning of anti-Russian campaign, in all the anti-Russian hysteria is, in the economic and military-political hostilities, that all geostrategic actions have played directly only to the pockets of US bankers, the western corporation elite. Today we see only, that the EU is showing great willingnes to continue the dirty works of the globalist masters - again in full expence of the European tax payers.

For the Donbass people's republics in former Ukraine, which are standing today against the NATO-western backed Ukrainian troops in Europe's only ongoing war, the news about creation of the EU Army bring only new dark clouds and fears of further escalation. Today the DPR and LPR are resisting dozen western countries, which are actively taking part in forcing NATO-Ukrainian army, but in the near future, less than a year, Donbass will have maybe dozen new enemies, all the member states of the new EU Army.

Editorial article, Janus Putkonen

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